• Yes, more and better weaponry does not result in a more peaceful society.

    Focusing on weapons, on both the individual and collective level, detracts from the efficacy of diplomatic attempts. If weapons are available as an immediate solution to conflict, people are less likely to try pacific means of problem solving first. Weapons must be handled responsibly in order to play a role in maintaining order, and training for this responsible use is costly and does not guarantee a positive return on investment.

  • Yes, we put too much stock in our weapons as a country

    Yes, we put too much stock in our weapons as a country. No matter what weapons this country has, we are still vulnerable to attack. This is because attacks occur at unexpected times and in unexpected locations. This makes it impossible for people to be protected at all times no matter what weapons we have.

  • Yes we have

    Guns don't kill people. People kill people. In a society like the United States of America, gun culture is incredibly common. Everyone has a gun, and the crime rate is extortionate. If you head over to Canada, however, they have more than twice the amount of guns, and there are less than one hundred cases of gun crime per year!

  • Weapons are just tools.

    I don't think that we put too much stock in our weapons today in America. Weapons are not ultimately good or bad, right or wrong. Instead, it is the way that they are used that turns them into something negative or positive. We need to focus more on changing minds and hearts and less on weapons.

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