Do we really deserve to have Donald Trump as our president?

Asked by: joeyf123
  • Let's get trump in office!

    Donald Trump will make America great again! He is great and will be good to the country. So let's get Trump and respect him too. We all have to respect our president and especially one who will make America great again. So let's get Trump in office! Wohoo! Donald Truuuuump!

  • Yes, but do we really need him?

    Yes, the US is quite deserving of a president that is working to brainwash us all? Trump is working to bring back segregation, to bring back ignorance into the minds of the new generation. He stops at nothing to win this presidential election, even if that might mean putting other people down. Seeing as Trump is such a horrid, cruel man he would be a fitting president for our very corrupt country. But quite frankly, he is the last person that should be on our minds. When he was just average millionaire everyone hated him. I don't see what's different now. All of a sudden he has millions of followers. Mind you, they were never there before.

  • No, Trump is too good for the United States

    The citizens of the United States are undeserving of Trump. They need a president who better matches the American Demographic. That means that a president should have a low IQ (less than 70), be supremely uncultured and uneducated, and be ignorant, divisive and incompetent. Future presidents need to continue the policy of endless money printing in order to buy votes through bloated inefficient social programs, thus bankrupting the country and lowering the American standard of living to that of a third world African country. It is essential that all American presidents continue to have no knowledge of economics and a complete lack of business sense (excluding being able to paraphrase a few quotes and principal from the Austrian School of Economics). For all of the reasons listed above, Trump would make a very undesirable president.

  • Make donald drumpf again

    Donald Trump is so inconsistent with his political views. He wants to build a wall making mexico pay for it which is the stupidest thing ive ever heard since trickle down economics. His Muslim ban is unconstitutional and I will no doubt be moving to canada if he gets into office

  • Bad foreign policy

    Deeply resented in Europe, his abrasive style and ideas will cause more problems in the East than currently and will alienate many vital allies in the EU. Which are essential to America remaining a global player in the world. If Americans really want America to be great again don't vote for Trump.

  • Trump Has a Bad Reason For Being SOOO Popular

    Don't you have those things that you think but would NEVER say them aloud? So does everyone else. The reason trump is such a popular candidate is because he says those things others with the same opinion would never say. He has NO FILTER! He says whatever comes to mind weather it's rational or not. He wants to build a wall around Mexico AND make them pay for it. That's INSANE! If you are planning on or already have voted yes let me ask you this: do you really want Word War Three?

  • Donald Trump is a bad candidate.

    In the past all he really did on TV was tell people they're fired. He is more of an entertainer than a politician. Since he swears on TV, and is rude to other candidates. Do you think we really deserve to have him as the president of the United States?

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