• Yes in deedie.

    Every thought I have is my own, every choice I make is my own. Regardless of how many choices there are my choice is always my own, my responsibility and no one else's. You might say people don't have free will, like when they are forced into a situation not of their own choosing, the holocaust for example. Even though they were being forced they still had a choice. That choice may be death, but I would choose death rather than give up my freedom. And were I to choose to live in bondage I would still have free will to choose how I responded to it. I can live in fear or love. It's always my choice.

  • Yes and No. We may have conscious free-will but we do not have sub-conscious (subliminal) free-will.

    Explanation: The conscious thought and the subliminal thought in our existing structure of biological created consciousness, is a separated yet interactive process we are unaware of...Not conscious of. The subliminal thought process prompts the conscious thought process, information coming into the mind through the senses of perception goes to the subliminal mind first and the conscious mind second.
    Clarification: Subliminal thought activity is that which influences our conscious thought activity & decisions. The external stimuli/information enters and registers with the subliminal mind first, before it becomes a conscious thought. The subliminal mind is that which drives/implements our unconscious habits and desires that we are not consciously aware of. That means our conscious thought process, does not penetrate/communicate with the thought process of the subliminal mind. They are seperate functions where a thought is concerned. So Yes & No to your question.

  • Of Course we do

    Free Will isn't something that can be summed up with a few words. Free will to me is the ability to choose your own path, like choosing to accept something or to deny it. When someone mentions having no free will, I see it as that person being nothing but a puppet with strings, unable to choose anything for themselves.

  • No, we are controlled by our brains.

    No, we do not really have a free will, because our brains function in a scientific way. Pretty much any humans decision can be traced back to what goes on in a person's brain. How their brain is put together and how parts work together determines what a person will think about certain issues. Free will appears to us, but it is really all biologically controlled.

  • We don't because were afraid of being alone...

    Fads is one thing... It strips people of will and makes them want to be like others and not be left out. We have been taught to be submissive to these things and are weak when it comes to it. But there are also some individuals whom aren't like another...

  • But we are puppets with strings.

    You may feel you choose your own path, but you are wrong. A good manipulator can make people do things and think it was their idea. Well your strings are a) your personality b) your taste c) your past experiences d) fear of consequences etc etc etc. Every choice we make depends on which string is pulled hardest.

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