• We need fema

    It also helps people have a place to stay when there house is completely destroyed by disasters so i find this crazy that people want fema to be gone it is very sad .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. .

  • Yes

    We do need some type of FEMA. I do not know that it is the best putting it all in the federal governments hands. We need to make sure that we do have some one that can delegate money in the case of an emergency or in the case of a natural disaster.

  • We Need a Repaired FEMA

    The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has hit many bumps in the road in its relatively short life. Slow response time, no response at all, and even responding in an incorrect or inadequate way are all complaints against FEMA. The agency is still needed, but it needs some major overhauling. Trailers sent south for people to live in after Hurricane Katrina sat at state borders for years, unused, because the people who transported them to the state line were not allowed to transport them through the state. There needs to be more consideration of the people affected by a disaster and less time given to arguing about whose job it is to do a certain job.

  • FEMA Is A Must

    Yes, we really need FEMA. As the Federal Emergency Management Association, FEMA’s sole purpose is disaster preparedness. There has to be one branch of the government dedicated to and responsible for overseeing this in the event of a disaster such as hurricane Sandy. FEMA is able to concentrate on recovery and what needs to be done immediately without having to take time to gather resources. In an emergency, timing is critical.

  • This is a State Responsibility

    Disaster preparedness should be organized and exercised at the state level. States can cooperate and coordinate their resources during a widespread event. The failures of FEMA in the recent past has clearly illustrated the government's inability to adequately respond to emergencies. The states are better equipped to distribute relief funds and store relief supplies.

  • No, we do not need FEMA because states can do a better job.

    We do not need FEMA, because the states can do a better job in times of disaster. State and local governments can more readily and appropriately respond to emergency situations. FEMA has been shown to provide inadequate and disorganized responses in recent natural disasters. Red tape slows down the handling of emergencies, and all large government agencies are hindered by red tape.

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