• Yes, IB schools should be offered as an option for students.

    Many students look for more rigorous and advanced programs to attend in order to better prepare for post secondary education, or simply for the love of learning. IB schools are great for this type of education, allowing hard working students to reach their potential in a wide variety of subjects.

  • Yes, it should be optional.

    Living in Australia I chose to attend a high school that offered IB as well as the normal state curriculum (we have a different schooling/examination system for each state which is as ridiculous as it sounds). I really benefitted from doing IB and excelled much more than I would have when doing the normal curriculum. I think there should be many more IB schools however I don't think it suits everybody and thus perhaps a reform of the public schooling system would provide better opportunities for all.

  • IB classes are very important.

    We have some students needing of a greater education. They get bored easily and need to have a challenge. IB schools prepare certain students for University. They have to pass a final test in order to get the credit. It is not a give me give me situation. It takes hard work and perseverence

  • Yes, challenging classes benefit all students.

    Research has shown that offering advanced classes can successfully challenge even underprivileged youth and accelerate learning. Gifted students need the challenge of advanced classes, and with the quickly rising tuition costs of college, the option of taking advanced classes in high school for college credit is valuable to decrease the amount of time and money necessary to receive a college degree.

  • Yes, our current educational system is in dire need of being reworked and improved.

    The truth of the matter is, our current educational system is in dire need of being reworked and improved. Any and all improvements or changes should be welcomed, and IB schools really are no different. I say that the more education we can get for people, the better off we'll be!

  • IB is pointless for at least middle schools!

    As a student going to a IB middle school I can say first hand that it does nothing for the students but give them extra work. I've had the staff admit that it's just a selling point for our school. Maybe high school will be different. I've got nothing against IB. Just not in middle schools. Just because something is new does not mean it's good!

  • I don't think so

    As someone who has spent a good portion of their life in the education system, I fail to see any good reason as to why IB schools, or any change to the current school model for that matter, is a good idea. We should keep things as they are currently.

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