• We throw money all the time

    Do you know how much money gets thrown at the military? And do you have any idea how much is wasted and how much the military admits that they waste?
    Green energy is the future. Back in the past the energy of the world used to be whale blubber. Coal replaced whale blubber.
    Oil replaced coal.
    Fusion and hydrogen will replace oil.
    We can't stagnate and go backwards.
    T ford models are cool but no one drives T fords anymore
    get with the program boomers its not 1960 anymore.

  • It's not enough and an excuse for poisonous capitalism

    If this was in one year no. But we need address it. Too many studies show it is real and not a hoax. We do need to get off fossil fuels, Which is a bigger cause of it. Capitalist will screw environment just too make a profit. We are guest on Earth and we have take care of it.

    It just needs to be handled right and the anti-science just takes it toll

  • Lol no of course not

    Back in 2005 they wanted to go to a hydrogen economy for climate change and they said a green economy was non effective now somehow hydrogen economy won't work but now a green economy is going to work? A green economy is just gonna fix climate change just like that even though we have china dumping a bunch of stuff in the ocean because they don't care? Same with India dumping stuff because it's part of their culture not to mention those countries contribute WAY MORE to climate change than the states do (Even individually). If climate change really is real it's going to have to be solved on a global level not on a United states only level.

    But we all know it's a ponzi

  • Nope nope and nope

    They’ve made so many predictions about climate change including end of the world due to climate change and none of them came true. Plus hackers were able to hack emails and expose that climate change was completely manipulated and the only science supporting this stuff is just computer models. Like the last person who said no. Nobody is gonna debate a skeptic or answer their objections. The current nasa study has issues as well it claims that skeptics have argued it slowed down. No we never argued it we argued none of the predictions have come true. All a myth

  • It’s a hoax and just an excuse for communism

    This has been proven to be manipulated multiple times let’s finally call it a hoax, The other side doesn’t even want to debate it and they just wanna have discussions who say the same thing over and over again. “It’s real and we need to tax everyone to death over it”. Why do you think the banks never invested in this bullcrap?

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