• Yes,we rely too much on technology.

    Yes,we rely too much on technology on a daily basis.If left without power most people are in a panic so it would be better for society altogether if people relied less on technology.A better solution would be for people to just go back to the olden times where people knew what to do when things wore out.

  • Our reliance on technology is always just the right amount.

    There is no way for us to rely too much on technology at any point in time. Technology is something that humans have relied on since the very first hunting implement was devised, since fire was discovered. We've done nothing but improve and enhance technology ever since. It fills a need in our world, makes it better and easier every day.

  • We rely on phones too much and don't focus on the stuff that we already have.

    Technology has been on earth for more than 20 years now and it will increase throughout the years. Most people rely on their devices to much because they think that their devices is all they need to survive because they can search up what a word means, there’s a compass, and they can basically do anything they want with them. But sometimes, the technology we use fails. For example, sometimes when we are in the desert or in a forest our phones don’t work because there isn’t any network/service there.

  • Yes we do rely on technology too much.

    We do rely on technology a lot as to adding it on a very high plank in our daily lives. Even checking the weather today you could get side tracked by Facebook or other social media websites. We would fall apart without it in our lives. It has become a big part of our lives and we really need to break that habit.

  • Yes we do

    We do rely on technology to much and we need to stop that because our brains will not work well if we just use phoebe ipads tablets and I watches people use your brain I don't have a phone only a iPad so use ur brains to like me that's why god gave us brains people so use them

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  • Information about ourselves, information about our friends.

    All the information (or many) about us and our friends we keep on the internet. But what if an emergency incident occurs? What then What if you have no internet? Or internet is down? Many people either don't see their friends for years just looking for pic which they put as avatar.. Shame on us. Sorry.

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  • Yes we do all rely on technology too much!

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  • We are WAY too dependent on technology!

    Let's say the internet was down at your office. Work would be over. Let's say you were busy following people on instagram, while your REAL friends were outside playing. What if you leave your phone at home when you go out? You feel under dressed. It wasn't like that 50 years ago! Our heads are so stuck in our phones and/or computers that we not only miss out on what's happening outside our screens. We should all try to put down our phone for a day, and go do something productive. Technology has become so important to us that we couldn't possibly live with out it. And it only keeps "improving". I know that it it useful for alot of stuff, and even necessary. But just remember that it was humans who made technology, and it's humans who are smarter. But of course we don't know that because we rely on technology too much.

  • Big Spaghetti oof

    I can't read Books Cause Tj is Big Dumb. I Bless The rains down in Africa. Do you remember the 21st night of september? Oofer gang. Im gonna make him an offer he can't refuse. May the force be with you. So in conclusion. No. I can't Read books or words

  • Do we rely on technology too much.

    Max Is Wrong. We dont rely on tech to much becuz I said so. I am a super genius and I know that we dont rely on technology too much becuz I do. You cant argue with me becuz I am the smartest and max is stupid. !!#@ !@^ !^#^&

  • No no no

    IF mankind ever thought that we use too much technology we always had the option not to use. But we r using it daily even now when I am typing this I am using technology technology has made this possible. Every aspect of our lives has changed and technology made it better faster and easier. And also made it affordable. Today we can communicate to anyone in the world without spending much. The most valuable asset - time , we save lot of time and has actuallly extended our useful life time. Technology has made distances smaller, activities easier, it brought equality , it brought power, it has simply made our lives easier. And if you still feel too much technology just boycot it but u can't cause u love it and u want it and u know it's just adequate

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