Do we seriously need to do something about the cost of college tuition?

  • College Tuition Is Too Much.

    As a current student at a big university, I understand that the money I invest now will pay off down the road. However, what bothers me is the fact that I pay thousands of Dollars for a semester of classes I am told I need to take to be successful, for teachers that don't always know what they are talking about, and for events and teams I'm not a part of. With all the money spent on housing, books, fees and tuition, there is little left to enjoy the college atmosphere. I have a hard time believing that all the money charged is necessary in order for the University to function. We need the paper with our names on it in order to be successful, they know this, and there is nothing we can do about it right now. It needs to change.

  • Yes, we do seriously need to do something about the cost of college tuition.

    Yes, I believe that we do seriously need to do something about the cost of college tuition because it is extremely ridiculous the cost of it and it gives students no incentive to want to go on to post-secondary school because of the amount of debt it accumulates. There is no point if you are going to spend forever trying to pay back your debts.

  • Where is the Money Going?

    Colleges and universities haven't changed much over the years. They still teach the same things, taught by the same tenured professors in the same buildings on the same schedules. Why then have the costs gone up so much? It is easy to blame athletics at big schools, but what about the myriad of institutions that don't have big-time athletic programs? The money is going somewhere, and it is hard to see it going to the actual education of the students.

  • The cost of college education has placed an unfair burden on citizens.

    College education costs have skyrocketed and have placed an overwhelming debt on graduates. The economy of the US is dependent on college educated citizenry and yet the cost to obtain a college education is astronomical. The burden of debt from obtaining a BA reduces greatly the spending power of college graduates. The US should adopt a similiar college education structure as Europe.

  • Only if we want to stay world leaders

    Younger generations are being forced into unimaginable amounts of debt just to claim what previous generations had for a fraction of the price. With the current economic situation making jobs significantly harder to secure our younger generation risk being in 'student' debt for the rest of their lives. This not only hurts them but it hurts the 'American Dream' where actually only the rich will be able to succeed.
    Many possible options would be available to us. Many countries beat us now in educational charts, many American company's are being forced to use immigrant workers and so on. The UK for example caps the amount Universities are allowed to charge students at (approx.) $15,000 per year AND gives them government-backed interest free loans they don't have to repay until they are IN A JOB (and earning above minimum wage) AND finally, if they haven't paid the debt off when they reach old age the debt is forgiven.

  • I think its fine

    I just think the price is okay. We should all have the money to pay for college tuition. There is also something called student loans that will let you pay off debt over a long period of time. All you need to do is get a few jobs and save up your money.

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