• YES, and it's YOUR fault.

    > Athletes are paid dozens of millions of dollars per year... By living as a kid...??? You ARE paying them. Don't blame on capitalism.
    > People can afford a $5000 NASCAR ticket, but can't afford a $5000 college fees (without student loan or financial helps)...?
    > People can buy a $100 jersey, but not a $100 self-help book...? (This is pretty much the same as a kid who spends some cash on McDonalds instead of tuition fees or textbooks)
    > America is manufacturing world class athletes; China and India are manufacturing world class scientists, teachers, engineers, programmers and tech entrepreneurs - this shows where American priorities are: Sports????
    > Universities are spending millions on athletic facilities, but not academic buildings.
    > When American kids want to be the next Michael Jordan or Tiger Woods; while Chinese and Indian kids want to be the next Stephen Hawking or Ben Franklin.
    > When Americans value more about entertainment than on education, it's really time to wake up.
    > Education is an asset, entertainment is a liability. There's no such thing as spending on education - it's investing in education. Conversely, there's no such thing as investing in entertainment/sports - it's spending on entertainment/sports.
    > The United States has become a place where singers, actors and athletes are mistaken for people of importance.

  • What the fuck

    Why is money spent on childish things like tennis and soccer? There's a whole fucking universe that has not been explored.............................. I mean are humans just Incredibly and rediculously stupid? Just imagine how much more advanced humans would be if we left sports at school and used our brains a bit more... And hiw could anyone sit down and watch fully grown men Chase a ball around a paddock? ????????.

  • Yes there is way too much money being spent on sport

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  • Yes off course we spend

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  • They make the money

    They make about 60.5 billion a year (http://www.Statista.Com/statistics/214960/revenue-of-the-north-american-sports-market/) and they are self-sufficient. If Americans spend 35 billion that is on them. Sports are a major part of my life and if I'm willing to spend money on it, who cares? That is my choice and not something anyone else should worry about
    GO sportsball!!!!!!!!

  • Yes it is attrocious

    Too much money is being spent on sport when it could be put towards food or housing for more people. The money could help a lot of people instead of spending it on sport. The olympics also cost a lot of money which it is debatable that it happens too often and too much money is spent with 35 billion dollars every year already being used on sport.

  • To much Money

    I personaly think that we spend to muh money on sport ; long term and short term.We spend about 35 BILLION dollars on sporting.Why cant we use the money to help the people that actually need the money.Think about how much things we can do with 35 billion dollars contry wise.If we save all the money on the things like poverty and helping curing diseases we could all live a better life.Dont get me wrong i do love sport but do we really nneed to spend this much money? (Jayden,12)

  • My Goodness YES!

    But not in a unnatural way...
    We spend plenty of money on highschool teams and college because "naturally", we play best when we are young. BUT ironically we force people to take excessive math credits and "so called research papers" in college and high school while ANYONE who DOESN'T want anything to do with 1. Sports 2. Math or 3. Sit Fat as a "Teacher" in college, ANYONE with an Artistic interest as well; has a real hard time getting a job because on 1 side you got the sport elitists who have no other interests than money, sex, and sports. AND on the other side you've got the so called "educational" bureaucrats preventing you from succeeding based on your lack of interest in advanced math and research writing.
    According to the national golf organization (forgot the name), we lost 5 million players this last decade.... THIS isn't because we spend to much money on sports, this is because we have created a elitist and brutish system where the strong take up sports and the weak minded become bureaucrats. Anyone with the wit of intelligence struggles to get anywhere without the one thing that makes this world run....


  • LoL, of course we do!

    It really is sickening that we value a guy who can throw a football more than we value a guy who saves your life, or someone who teaches you. Honestly, throwing a football, hitting a baseball, shooting a hoop, kicking a ball, throwing, shooting, hitting, WHATEVER. Society is already messed up when they value entertainment more than they value their own education. Or the safety of their own family. It's always the fat guy sitting on the couch. While the real refined and educated are the ones in the arts, where the real talent is. You can thank the beer drinking, nacho, big bellied individuals for today's society. Thanks guys.

  • We do spend too much money on sports.

    We do spend too much money on sports. In comparison with how much we spend on the actual college then yes, we do spend too much money on sports. Although with all the media and the sponsors the players get paid very well for playing the sports no matter which one they are playing or advertising for.

  • Of Course Not!!

    First of all, sports represent a country in Olympics. Won't it be humiliating for a country to have cheap opening ceremonies? Just like this, sports (in Olympics) show how much a country can do.
    Also, sports is great for health. Buying a few equipment is much cheaper than going to hospital and having a surgery to live longer.

  • No, we dont.

    In my opinion, going to see a sporting event in person is the best thing you can do on your free time. The pricing is influenced by how good the team is, who the team is playing, and when in the season it is. For example the price of a nosebleed seat during a 2006 preseason S.F Giants game was around $10. Baseball games last sometimes more than 3 hours long. While a movie ticket for a bad 2 and a half hour movie is sometimes around $12! The food and drinks cost about the same at these two venues. I am sure the cheaper option is clear. So if one was to argue if attending a sporting event was a waste of money then one must argue that we waste our money on other forms of entertainment.

  • People want to pay, Profits are being made

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  • HELL NO U Crazy

    We as NZ are a strong sport sided country we have made 3 finals This year. And we need good quality epquipment. Not the crap stuff. With New Zealand making the cricket, netball and now rugby world finals our country is doing a great job in our sport. Io ur country makes up lots of the loss every year with the tickets that are sold

  • Not For Youth Sports

    I do not believe we spend too much money on youth sports, if that is what is being referred to. I think youth get a lot of benefit from participating in sports and it deserves a fair amount of funding. I think the lessons youth learn from playing on a team are worth the cost.

  • The sport industry keeps America propped up.

    I don't think that we spend too much money on sports. I think that the sporting industry is one of Americas underrated and great exports. It creates jobs and revenue for people all over the country and all over the world. So I think that the prices are more than fair.

  • How much is too much?

    Do I think sporting events, besides the Super Bowl should be a little bit less priced? Of course. But then again, how much does the average person consider being "too much"? There are some die hard sports fans out there who truly want to be a part of every game.

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Anonymous says2013-04-10T15:37:58.260
Cool debate! :) it kinda helped me in my debate although it needed more substantive matter. Thank anyway! Zoe 13 years old.

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