• Yes, we do

    Statistics continue to show that women are paid less than men even after controlling for factors of career choice and family time. We've got to stand our ground now especially since this country is experiencing a backlash against the past 40 years of feminist advances.

  • Yes, Equal Pay for Equal Work

    Most people believe in the policy of equal pay for equal work. A Paycheck Fairness Act would actually give people the ability to fight for their right to equal pay. Right now, if someone investigates their pay status, they may legally be fired. A Fairness Act would allow employees to see if they truly are getting paid fairly for their work.

  • Yes, we need a Paycheck Fairness Act.

    Women are still being paid less than men for the same work, and the Paycheck Fairness Act I think gives women the means to investigate the facts of their employment situation when they believe they are being discriminated against economically because they are female. Employers can sometimes have a standing rule that fellow employees do not share information about their pay rate or bonuses which allows them to discriminate in the way they reward an employee's work. Women need to know what male employee's are being paid for equivalent work so they know if they have a case for discrimination.

  • Women are free to take responsibility for their pay

    I can't understand why the government needs to be involved. If you're a woman, and you're not making enough, ask for a raise. If they refuse, leave. That's equality, because that's what men do. Men don't ask the government to give them raises, so if they really want equality then they can have it for the taking.

  • No, We Do Not

    Capitalism works most effectively when it is free from government intervention. The last thing the free market needs is to be stifled by more rules and regulations. The market will bear out its most fruitful outcomes if it is allowed to work as intended. The answer is not another law or more bills.

  • NO

    We absolutely, positively do not need this kind of thing. Even as a woman, I don't want this to happen. The disparity in paychecks in this country is largely due to factors like career choice and family planning.

    Like it or not, there are a lot of industries that are hazardous, therefore the pay has to be good, and men occupy these fields a lot more than women. Like it or not, a lot of women choose to take years off of work to stay at home with their children.

    When you account for other factors that have absolutely nothing to do with discrimination and everything to do with reality, the pay gap does not exist.

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