• It's A Tradition

    I believe the State of the Union Address is a matter of tradition and it should be continued. The State of the Union Address is a speech given by the president of the United States and it has been given by the majority of presidents. The speech is usually directed towards American citizens.

  • It brings us together.

    Yes, we still need a State of the Union address, because people still like to watch it. It is important that the President be obligated to speak to his people at least once a year. It is a good time to address what is important for us, and for the President to lay out his agenda.

  • No More SOTUs

    The SOTU is a definite dog-and-pony show. In addition, its effectiveness as a public information tool has suffered major credibility issues since the election of Obama as POTUS. Also, it seems attendees at the SOTU are more interested in pursuing photo ops with this celebrity, empty-chair POTUS, rather than the substance of the address itself.

  • No, everyone realizes it's nothing but more campaigning.

    No, I do not believe we still need a State of the Union Address. People used to be different. They were proud and supportive of their elected officials and eagerly anticipated this yearly news event. Today people are not the least bit naive. People recognize the State of the Union Address for what it is - just more campaigning.

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