Do we still need civil rights legislation in today's society?

  • Yes, people are still prejudiced.

    There does need to be civil rights legislation in today's society because racism lurks for many people just beneath the surface even though it is not politically correct to speak of it. And of course there needs to be civil rights legislation as it pertains to include other groups, too, such as the LGBT.

  • We still need civil rights legislation

    Here's an example. Most states do not have written legal requirements for showing a driver's license or photo ID when voting. Despite that fact, several states attempted to enforce showing ID even when legislation was read directly contravening that requirement. The majority of districts attempting to enforce the ID requirement were populated by minorities. There have been many attempts to re-draw voting districts, again targeting minorities. So yes, we still need civil right legislation.

  • Yes, very much so.

    The proof is in the fact that I, as a LGBT person can still be fired from my job for my sexual orientation. Also, I can't get married to the person that I love in many states. Additionally, many other minorities and women still face many challenges that civil rights legislation protects or needs to be put into place to protect.

  • We do still need civil rights legislation in today's society.

    We do still need civil rights legislation in today's society. It is very important that we protect the rights of individuals especially today. We need to have equal rights for everyone and civil rights help to ensure that and protect that. I think it is very important that civil rights happens today.

  • Civil Rights Legislation Still Needed

    Yes, civil rights legislation is still needed in today's society. As there is not equality in today's society, it is obvious that such is still needed. In the United States, white males get paid more than any other group. In addition to this, homosexuals still receive less civil rights than any other group.

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