• With out a doubt

    At their inception they offered an opportunity to a community that would not otherwise have had access to higher education. They did the job well, today's HBCU'S are still offering high quality education to people of all color's and perspective's. Who do to socio- economic reasons may not have had the opportunity. Its a unique and wonderful experience to usher in the future.

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  • Destroying History by playing into negative notions , further fuels racism.

    Reading the negative responses on the right, just further proves why the relevance of HBCU's is still vital.

    #1 They were established for African Americans when no other institution would allow them to attend. Therefore, the mission of an HBCU is to welcome all those seeking an education regardless of race. If one were to conduct thorough research they would discover it has never been the nature of the culture to discriminate against others. However, time after time, the black culture continues to be in the hot seat when it comes to opportunities, accolades and justice.

    2# The amount of funding that HBCU's receive is lower than its counterparts which means that the students who attend, are there for a more in-depth reason. Students come for the smaller class sizes, relationships you build with your professors, the family atmosphere and passion for your peers and community.
    Eg. As a Tennessee State University graduate, all the local businesses surrounding the campus love the students and are more than willing to support the endeavors and strides of the university. Even providing a simple meal to a student, in need, speaks to the true love that surrounds the HBCU family.
    Additionally, When one goes into a situation knowing that the odds are slightly against you, ( due to lack of funding) you take on a different mindset. You work HARDER! Society has already painted this negative image of the place you take pride in therefore, you utilize what you have to the best of your abilities and it turn it makes you a more driven person. Stats have proven that students from HBCU's are successful lawyers, doctors, engineers, teachers and elite professionals - whom attended schools with less than a million dollar operating budget, yet nevertheless, have proven that the education they received prepared them to be successful in the "real world".

    #3 This is the most important. Regardless of where you attend- its what you do afterward that can diminish all discussion. If you graduated from Harvard and could only establish employment at a fast-food chain- what does that say about the thousands of dollars you invested for 4years? This debate pins people into two different spectrums, when ultimately the end goal is to obtain an education and then go out into the field and be a successful individual making a difference. BOTH PWI's and HBCUs have proven that they can BOTH provide such an environment for its students. To try to negate and destroy the history and importance of one is truly disheartening.

  • Justice for the brother man .

    Why of course we do ! There is no reason African American culture should not be expressed to all. Now no its not segregation , its welcome to all but taking away black colleges is saying its all equal but that nothing that happened back then happened back then . Their was a reason for those colleges and their still are . UNITY!

  • They are needed.

    For all of the above mentioned reasons. These schools have been the top producers of talented blacks in a variety of professions. This should not be overlooked. There are assorted colleges that have tremendously impacted the lives of many students and continue to do so. This should not be stopped.

  • HBCU's Produce More Black Teachers, Engineers, STEM teachers, Medical Professionals

    HBCU's provide an environment for not only black students to flourish but many other minorities in society. It provides an opportunity to see people who look like them who have made great strides in society and impacted this country in many ways. This is important because the things taught in these schools and the since of cultural pride that is achieved as a result isn't easy to come by in other predominantly white colleges/universities.

    People say if there's Historically Black Colleges and Universities why aren't there white colleges/universities? That question is rather ignorant, colleges were not integrated until 1954. With that being said the other public and private colleges and universities out there are historically white and to this day still predominantly white. No one is saying that because the school is labeled an HBCU that white students shouldn't attend. I would encourage people of all races to attend. The point of recognizing the title HBCU is that these schools were established so that blacks could attend college during a time when they were unable to attend colleges along side their white counterparts. For that reason it is important for the community to remember the educational institutions erected for them to go beyond the restraints put on them by an unequal society. It is important to remember where this country has come from in all aspects.

    That being said YES Historically Black Colleges and Universities are still necessary.

  • Its just a title

    Historically black means it was originally established for blacks. Ivy league schools were originally established for white men and even though others attend they still are predominately for white men. This does not mean they should close their doors. Neither should Sarah Lawrence (sp?) a university historically for white women. What all of these institutions have in common is that they serve a particular group of people and help carry on traditions. HBCUs were originally just a way for black Americans to recieve a higher education, but they became something more. More than half of all black professionals graduate from HBCU's: my mother, father and myself included. To close them down for doing serbing their purpose would be just as ridiculous as shutting a down a Christian school for not having a high Jewish population. If we close one niche lets close them all. HBCUs deserve to continue as much as any other specialty school.

  • Yes, we do

    If we want to do away with HBCUs, then let's do away with Catholic universities, Jewish universities, Women's colleges, etc. As long as none of the aforementioned schools discriminate in regards to admission, then they have the right to exist. No one forces anyone to go to any college except the college of their choice.

  • What’s the point?

    In a time when we are trying to repair race relations and erase all memory of the civil war, We are keeping segregation alive? We talk about bringing people together and ending racism but at the same time we are trying to save a facially racist institution. They are not doing well, Economically, Which I see as a positive. People don’t want to attend racist, Discriminatory schools and it is showing in enrollment. One HBS in West Virginia is now 93% white. So they have given up on the race based admissions and are thriving. More should follow their lead and just be a school, Not a black school, Not a white school, Just a school.

  • We need to evolve as a culture.

    We shouldn't forget our past so that we don't allow it to happen again, But having all black colleges only continues to describe students by the color of their skin. We cannot move past this unless we're treating everyone equally, Regardless of skin color. Race is something humans have created, If you look at us on a biological level we are all the same. Furthermore, None of us are actually black or white, We are varying shades of brown, Peach etc. We have to stop describing people as a color if we're going to stop racism.

  • Racist. Plain and simple.

    The fact of the matter is that if I created a primarily Asian, Japanese, Etc college, Then the black community would be outraged. Sure, Plenty of colleges in America hold a high Caucasian population, But are much smaller and hold much less power in these situations, Meaning HBCU colleges should not only be outlawed for their racism, But shouldn't exist today

  • The Equal Educational Opportunities Act (EEOA) of 1974

    Like my headline states, there are laws that prohibit discrimination in education. So if every ethnicity and gender has the same rights then why should there be a federally funded university for a cause that has been legally settled? Honestly, I believe that the notion of a public college that serves one race only promotes division instead of unity. On the left, you say that "these schools have been the top producers of talented blacks..." but there's nothing stopping these same talented black folk to be successful at any other public university. I want to get something across- It is completely understandable to have pride in your particular race, gender, ethnicity, etc. For a private university to put there own money into promoting one of these particular categories is completely fine. It's their money that they are using to promote their heritage. The problem with the HBCU is that it's not private, but public, and for the HBCU to be federally funded is hypocritical and counter-productive to the EEOA and the entire movement of the civil rights act.

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  • Black colleges are basically self segregation and that should not be allowed

    Black colleges are self segregation and that should not be allowed. This is 2015, not 1954... There should also be no BET, black history month etc.. Everybody should go to colleges with people of different skin color, background, religions etc etc. if you just go to college with the same people with the same views then you will just have THE SAME VIEWS..

  • HBCUs continue to struggle

    Many are failing and struggling financially. I wonder if
    #1 their supporters have lost hope in the need, thereby pulling funding (the poor condition of many HBCUs indicates lack of support) and

    #2 if every child (white or black) needs to buy into a dominate norm of 'going to college' in order to be successful? Why not put potential funding for HBCUs into other means of equipping black men and women for lives of wholeness, wellness and dignity.

  • I do not believe there is a need

    There are historically Jewish collleges, but we must remember that most jews are white. This whole issue isn't a matter or ethnicity, religion, or gender, it is a matter of something much more incendiary... RACE. Its a hot issue. My take on it is that racially segregated universities have the unintended consequence of creating less assimilation and more subculture segregation. One place where dialogue is needed is between races is in the forum of education. If you're confronted by different beliefs, ethnicities, and races during college, you are likely to have abbroader comfort zone and understand better how other groups think. If you are sequestered into a single ethnic, cultural enclave, how can you be expected to see things through the eyes of another group?

    As another already stated, affirmative action virtually eliminates the educational access issue that gave rise to black colleges.

    Do they have a right to exist? Absolutely. Do they need to exist? I do not believe so.

  • Most HBCUs are failing their students

    No resources, terrible administration, taking students who didn't graduate or with low test scores. These black kids need to retest or start at a community college. The HBCU degrees are fake and worthless. Don't get me wrong there are a ton of non HBCU schools that are bad as well. There should be standards for all schools and sadly HBCUS dont hold up well.

  • NO there should not be any black colleges

    I am thirteen and I am white. I look forward to going to college however I think it is unfair for african americans to have their own colleges. If whites had their own college everyone would call it racist. I think it kind of is racist ,but it is just as racist for any other race to have their own college. K I have to finish my homework

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