• Mutual Transformation

    The lives of many, perhaps most, Peace Corps Volunteers and of the people with whom they work are changed significantly, and pretty much forever. Their ability to think more broadly and creatively, to appreciate diversity, to understand the patterns of development that play out worldwide, - all of these thing happen to Volunteers and to their counterparts. Both empower one another and both prepare themselves for a future, even more global world.

  • Exporting America's best qualities

    The peace corps allows the US to export to parts of the world with the greatest need the best traits that America has to offer. Through this program volunteers share with those in need farming techniques and infrastructure development. Also, peace corps volunteers are some of the best ambassadors for the United States. This program is a bargain for what it returns to the US in good will.

  • Sure.

    I am probably biased as I was a Peace Corps volunteer, but yes the US still needs the Peace Corps. The Peace Corps promotes the US in a positive light all over the world, which is never a bad thing. Also the Peace Corps helps local populations improve their skills, and sets up services that they would never get if it wasn't for them. It is possible that some programs need to be cut, as the US is in a bit of a financial crisis, but it should not be gotten rid of all together.

  • Yes

    I believe we still need them. You never know when something happens. We should have them but more as a reserve. There will always be people who oppose other people. People that will do wrong to others. We can always use help and additional forces. So long as we don't use them as a crutch.

  • Yes, we still need the peace corps.

    The Peace Corps should not be abandoned anytime in the near future. The Peace Corps help people in the countries they are deployed to. Not only that but they also promote a positive image of America and help to teach other cultures about America. Also, when the volunteers return home they can tell their relatives and friends about their experiences in various other cultures. The Peace Corps should remain as a sign of goodwill between America and other countries and as a reminder to those involved of although humanity may be diverse, everyone is human.

  • Cost and Jobs

    Peace Corps workers cost $50,000+ per year per worker. They also take money from other US government programs like PEPFAR.
    The money could be spent hiring locals to,for example,teach. The jobs should be offerred to locals first.
    Peace Corps workers don't even make minimum wage and are asked to work in conflict and post conflict areas. It's too dangerous for what Peace Corps workers are

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