• If you have everything online, You won't have many socializing skills.

    Some people are considering online learning and adults can go to work but, When you go to work, You won't know how to act in front of them and will have bad socializing skills. This is why I think we STILL NEED THE USPS. And btw respect them for people and you should always treat them the way you should be treated.

  • Fedex is gay

    The fed ex is some gay shit and is so not needed it would ruin everything our lives stand for. Everything our country stands for would go to shit if we left our mail to f***ing fedex theyre so retarded and don't deserve to be a company worthless pieces of shit

  • We should keep the post office because when you don't have internet because of a disaster you have the post office to recive stuff.

    You have the post office there when you don't have the internet there. You can't expect that there will be internet every where so we could order stuff. You have to get the post office, When things like this happen. Whoever came up with the idea that we should have post offices will regret it now they would want it back.

  • We still need it

    The USPS has allowed me to get in contact with some long lost relatives and private companies will cost a lot more than the USPS to ship flat mail and it connects us to other countries and until someone can figure out how you will email packages, we still need the USPS

  • We still need a cut rate delivery service

    In order to foster true economic competition, getting into an industry needs to be easy for new competitors. New companies must balance costs in order to grow, and the Postal Service hands down offers the lowest shipping rates in the country, which greatly benefits the little guy, at least until he's successful enough to switch delivery services. There is still plenty of room for improvement, but hundreds of small businesses, especially ones online, rely on the USPS for low cost, reliable shipping (they're actually not bad), a niche market that only a government-subsidized service can fulfill.

  • Yes to snail mail.

    Not everything can be sent via the Internet. FedEx and UPS doesn't deliver the mail or certified mail where a signature is needed. Unless a customer or business needs a customer to sign for a package, normally UPS and FedEx just leave the packages at the door. I do wish there was a way to option out of junk mail just like people can with phone books.

  • Just because I fell like it

    The post office connects offline/remote places from the outside countries, states, or even cities. The postal service also connects families from each other especially families who live very far apart. In conclusion, I believe everyone still needs the post office, some people might not know but it we still need it no matter what.

  • Yes, I think we still need the USPS.

    I think we still need the USPS because the service still plays a vital role in delivering postal mail across the nation, while private companies and email have largely taken away much of the Postal Services use fullness I think overall the Postal Service is still a vital organization in the United States.

  • We still need to physically receive things.

    Almost everything in this day and age can be done electronically, that is true. But we still have things that we order from across the world, or we need things that are across the country. If we need something, it isn't easy to just fly or drive wherever you need to get to to receive what it is you need, so the USPS provides us the cheap convenience of delivering the things that we need. So we do still need the USPS to deliver the things that we physically need as it is a convenience for us.

  • It doesn't have anything useful.

    Whenever somebody sends something, It's junk! Does anybody know how annoying it is to have so much junk in your house? Really ANNOYING! And on top of that, It is in dept and takes forever. And for this reason, The USPS should be abolished. NO NO NO NO NO NO

  • It's a Dead system

    Talk about a great example of how private business outperforms the government. The USPS would have been dead a long time ago if it wasn't propped up by the government for no reason. I get almost nothing in the mail anymore. Billing is all online, And all my correspondence is by e-mail, FB text, Phone, You name it. Pretty much anything except snail mail. The only arguments I ever here for keeping it are pretty much just sentimental or laziness. Like Georgia sending me my tax return in the mail while MN does direct deposit? These stupid government organizations will be forced to get with the program if we start cutting off the fat that they feed on. Easiest place to start is the weight loss is cutting USPS.

  • When was the last time you got something important in the mail.

    I understand preserving voting by mail, I live in Oregon and hope to see it stay. I understand government papers being delivered by mail, Ie; driver docs, Voting pamphlets, And jury notices. . All of my bills are paid online and I opt for paperless billing. . My argument is why does it need to be a government ran organization to deliver 90% recycling to my door. Amazon, FEDEX and UPS all deliver all throughout the country and could easily take over the mediocre job the federally ran USPS provides and for cheaper too. .

  • We have FedEx and ups

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  • With our postal office in dept, Its easier to just lose it all together!

    Two days ago my dad went to the post office to mail his bills. He told me that after he had to pay the bill, He had to pay even more just to mail them. Stamps have gone up in price and are now $0. 55. Most people have just changed to online billing, So the price in stamps has gone up to make up for that. Why should we be paying for someone else just so that the post office doesn't go in dept, When we can just shoot a text message or pay bills on line?

  • Electronics covers it

    The USPS is used to mail anything but with electronics to use instead on a postal service, There is really no need. Phones and other texting platforms can send mail in an instant. Packaging is also electronic. Lots of people use drones to ship there packages long distances. Also most postal services take forever to give you mail that should have been to your house 2 weeks or more ago.

  • Costing the Taxpayer 3 billion a year

    Never would anyone in business allow a 5.6 Billion dollar loss in 2016 and a 3 Billion dollar loss in 2017. We are subventing our shipping costs, WHY?! This makes no sense and there is NO feasible arguement! Stop the madness, privatize the USPS! Sell it to Amazon, let Bezos make it profitable!

  • Private shipping companies are better, faster, and actually profitable.

    FedEx and UPS never lose my packages. USPS has lost 3 packages in the last year. Their tracking indicates that the packages were delivered over the counter to me when they clearly weren't. Every time this has happened, the packages mysteriously showed up in a locker a few weeks later. Seriously? If I could receive all of my mail via FedEx or UPS, I definitely would.

  • USPS is outdated and no longer a necessity

    90% of the mail I receive is unsolicited advertisements. All correspondence can now be handled by e-mail or electronic billing. For the rare time that a hard letter is required, UPS and FedEx are more capable of delivering the letters and packages than USPS. USPS has zero accountability and responsiveness. It has essentially become a department for welfare jobs.

  • No, the numbers show it

    With private companies like UPS and FedEx, it is becoming apparent that USPS is not necessarily needed anymore. The numbers show it as well, many post offices have had to close their doors over the past few years. They are mainly good for letters, but no one writes letters in this digital age.

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