• Yes, we need the Voting Rights Act as some people still have trouble voting because of malicious groups.

    There are some political groups who actively try to prevent certain demographic groups from voting by spreading misinformation or actively trying to pass legislation that would hinder voting for these demographic groups. For this reason a Voting Rights Act may be needed to help prevent these efforts from hurting the honest votes of regular citizens.

  • Yes, we still need the Voting Rights Act.

    In order to ensure that all citizens of the United States of the correct age are able to vote, the Voting Rights Act is necessary. With the Voting Rights Act, politicians may attempt to bar certain groups from voting in order to swing the vote their way. That would be undermining the voting system and stripping rights from citizens, which is not good.

  • No, the voting rights act is no longer needed and all it does is allow voter fraud

    According to the new York times there are 11.7 million illegal immigrants within our borders. You could make the logical connection that since 73% of undocumented immigrants that originate from are above or around voting age that they can vote in states like California where not only are you not required to provide any identification but the ballot comes in 16 different languages. This allows for massive voter fraud and there have even been cases where entire elections have been swung due to voter fraud. Either way undocumented immigrant are pushing for voting rights and if they receive them they will create a third voting block that will displace 6-9 million republican and center right voters. This allows the democratic party to become an unchecked power.

    This was almost exactly the case with Nazi Germany, they had an election allowing the Nazi party to come into power and they remained unchecked which allowed Hitler to rise to power. Since there are only 55 million registered republican voters taking out even 1 million would severely damage the balance of parties in our country. Additionally there are 72 million registered democrat voters.

    This issue is no longer about racism but is instead about immigration and the voting rights act stops states from implementing voter ID laws.

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