• Good food yes

    As for McDonald's, I could care less if that's wasted, actually the more you waste that crap the better hehe. But I think with normal food yes we do waste it a lot. There are people in poor countries that'd be lucky to have a nice home cooked meal. :(

  • We waste to much food

    We do throw away to much food about the 25% percent amount of food is wasted by a family that's about 1,500 dollars down the drain and 50% of the food is thrown away by the union and thats about 165 billion dollars down the drain. Think of all the homeless people the money we waste on food waste could go to them so they could use it to buy food thats not going to be wasted.

  • Just took home some expired chips that would've been thrown away.

    I work at a Tractor Supply and they sell candy, chips, and soda. But when the best by date passes they throw it away. The chips are still good two months after the "freshness guarantee" date; I just ate them :-) There were five bags of them.
    On the upside, we don't really get much time to sort through the expired snacks very often and we put the oldest to the front.

  • Absolutely

    I do believe that we waste a lot of food.

    Because we have this bountiful amount of food it is easy to forget how vital cherishing each miniscule amount of food is. We have all heard, whether from our parents or someone else, that there are people all over the world that are searching everyday for the food we just threw in the garbage.

    I guess that it is in our culture to expect certain things that are considered a privilege in other countries. I am not separating myself from this bunch because I am guilty of it also, as is everyone else.

  • Yes, we throw away too much food.

    You know that we throw away too much food when you have a TV show about people that are not homeless and they go searching trashcans of businesses because they know they will find good food there. I think we cook too much because our portions are so big here in America. I think also people are so busy and maybe don't realize ways to save. You can freeze leftovers for another day. We usually send some to our neighbor.

  • Yes we do throw away too much food.

    I think we treat food as if it were unlimited, people discard food for no reason. We should realize that they are countries that are in desperate need of food. We should keep whatever food we can salvage and donate them to soup kitchens, of course I mean non-perishable food.

  • We Are Wasteful

    Of course we throw away too much food. Every household throws away a lot of food every year. We obviously take the food for granted and are very wasteful. Restaurants throw away too much food as well. Every hour or so, tons of food that can be eaten is taken out to the dump. We are a wasteful society.

  • Get real morons

    If we were living in Africa in a famine then yes. But living in the developed world then NO. If I cook something and have left overs, and I dont feel like eating them, then I should be able to throw them without the guilt trip from my girlfriend or any other person. (Boo hoo to the kids in somalia, the homeless and everyone else)

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