• Of Course We Do. This Is "Murica".

    When most Americans look at the Middle East, we see a group of religious crazies who are rampant and beneath us in social graces and whatnot. However, this is untrue on many levels. Those "Muslim Terrorists" aren't as Muslim as they claim to be. Their religion practices peace more than anything. Unlike Christianity, they do NOT believe it is right to convert people. While the crusades were going on, the Muslims saw that the Catholics were dogs running around converting whoever they could. It is said that they could not fight, unless provoked to do so. They also DO NOT believe in killing for your religion! These suicide bombers and terrorists alike are using religion as a cover, but in reality going against the Qur'an's basic teachings and principals. You have to remember that most Muslims hate those terrorists just as much as any American does, if not more, for giving their people this stereotype.

  • Yes, we base our judgements on the small minority of idiots that call themselves Muslims.

    Whenever we think of Muslims, somewhere in our minds, the word 'terrorist' comes to mind. This is because there is a small group of idiots that think they are Muslims who believe and worship God. However, at the same time, they go and do the exact opposite of what most Muslims do and kill people. Because some of the terrorist acts which Islamic extremists carry out are so bad, for example, 9/11 and 7/7, we always think of terrorists when we think of Muslims. This isn't fair, as most Muslims don't believe what people like Osama bin Laden did was right, however, just a few do, and because they broadcast that so loudly, we think of every Muslim like we do.

  • Yes Yes Yes

    When it comes down to it I think all religions want the same thing “happiness”. I'm not a Muslim but from what I can tell they are NOT violent people. It is the terrorists that many people develope their views from. Terrorists should not even be considered Muslims. The govt would dare do this to a white, black, or hispanic so why treat Muslims different unless we know for sure they are a terrorist.

  • I think all religions are given way too much credibility and respect, Islam not the least of which.

    Nowhere else in our social or political discourse do we give such automatic reverence and respect than to the subject of religious faith. Islam is probably one of the most apparent cases of this right now. By simply arguing that "it's their faith" and that "the vast majority of Muslims are peaceful," it calls us to completely ignore the violence, hatred, bigotry, misogyny, and zealotry explicitly called for by the Quran. Sure, it's not fair to pick only on Islam, the Judeo-Christian bible is equally rife with such appalling divine calls to atrocity, but neither is it fair that, out of "respect," we must avoid criticizing it.

    I see no reason why religion in general, and Islam in particular, should not be held to the same critical standard as we hold for any other social/political issue.

  • How We Treat Religions Depends on How We Were Raised

    I recently saw an image that contrasted an image of a Catholic nun with a Muslim woman in a burqua. To many Americans, the nun will seem holy and devout, but the covered Arab woman seems suspicious, self-hating, or just plain crazy. This is because we are familiar with what we grew up around. Most of us did not grow up around Muslims, and may only have been aware of the religion due to stereotypes or distorted media coverage.

  • Yes, we do.

    We're far too prone to stereotyping and making generalized associations. As a group, many Americans hear and see media reports of terrorist attacks committed by a Muslim and associate Muslims and Islam with terrorism. It's equivalent to equating every Christian to the Westboro Baptist Church or the KKK - or equating white people with racism and homophobia by associating white with extremist hate groups. Although I truthfully despise organized religion, I believe we are completely presumptuous when it comes to judging Islam.

  • Yes, most people are uneducated about it.

    Islam gets a bad reputation due to all of the negative press it receives. People hear what the news says and then very rarely actually do research to find out what Islam is really like, and instead they just have gut reactions and keep unfair viewpoints. This is unlikely to change in the near future.

  • Americans Can Be Biased

    I believe some people view Islam in the wrong way, especially in America. I think there are profound reasons for that, but it does not justify acts against Islam. Americans are biased due to our experiences and due to some of the propaganda that came out of our government following the attacks on 9/11. Hopefully we can improve because there's nothing inherently wrong with the Islamic traditions that aren't also wrong with Christianity.

  • We unfairly call them terrorists

    ISIS is wrecking havoc across the Middle East and the suicide bombings and mass shootings perpetrated by them and people claiming allegiance to them make headlines. Therefore, Islam is misinterpreted as a violent religion, And our current idiot of a president made it worse. Islam in itself is not extremist or violent.

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  • No, I have legitimate criticism for Islam.

    Islam is a religion that is despicable in my eyes. It is a religion that woman are seen as a lesser being, forced to wear burqas for the men because it is "tempting." They accuse westerners are sexually immoral for letting our woman wear what they please, yet insist their woman they wear burqas because it arouses them. That is the mans natural drive, and woman can wear clothing that are revealing or not, it shouldn't matter. There is plenty more examples of why I do not respect, Islam. And my criticism is not unfairly earned. They earned it all.

  • This question is illogical.

    I for one don't treat Islam unfairly, I treat it with same contempt and disrespect that I do to all other illogical and irrational beliefs. So the question is rather who is this "we" are talking about. I am sure there are some people that treat Muslims unfairly, like Christians who think their beliefs are the only way to go to the imaginary heaven. Then again Muslims feel the same way about Christians.

  • I don't think we treat Islam fairly

    A religion is less its theological text and philosophical underpinnings and more about how it is practiced in the real world. Islam as it is practiced in the real world is a misogynist, bigoted, and violent religion. The same could be said and is said about other religions. There is a saying, "The proof is in the pudding."

  • Faith and ideology

    After reading this book and very involved with muslims from Saudi very confused about the amount of violence,intolerance and mostly deception involved.Also no choice watesoever if you leave the faith so scary when portrait as a religion of peace and sadly did not evolved like sharia law and studying the prophet wow so many different tribes and so so much violence to me it seem no open mind or discussion if islam involved that my personal opinion revenge seem to be so prevalent sadly and believe me the bible violent too but the faith has evolved

  • Islam is a dangerous belief as

    Sharia Law takes the rights of liberty from many people and those standing against it are usually killed. It is ironic a belief structure that aids suicide bombers and breeds terrorism is protected by the naive. Yeah go blow yourself up with innocent people so you can bone some virgins 🤔

  • First of all who is we?

    I feel the world doesnt treat them fairly. All the wars the western countries start with them to replace their leaders with leaders that oppress them creating a generation of poor people with lack of educational or financial oppurtunity. The terrorism caused around the world is a result of this.

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kbub says2014-03-13T00:04:43.160
Why do we (members of DDO) assume that "we" refers to America?
kbub says2014-03-13T02:51:56.853
Also, does the pollster mean "Muslims?"
Vajrasattva-LeRoy says2014-12-06T22:19:37.253
More Gibberish ...

Why don't you actually study Islam instead of just parroting what
"officials" , religionists, the media, the anti-media, etc. , put out?

I've read that the only thing that the Quran says about Love is
the Command that Muslims Love other Muslims.
That's promoting peace, tolerance, love, happiness, non-conversion, etc. ? Really ???

Muslims believe that Islam is the one true religion, which means that anybody
who refuses to convert to Islam is anti-God, completely evil, demonic,
doomed, & should be murdered.

Islam, by definition, means, submission to the will of God.
There is no such religion as submission to the will of God.
Since people have been Refusing to submit all along,
Islam has to be False.

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