Do weak holiday retail sales prove that the Obama recovery is a myth?

  • Economic crisis

    When retail sales fail, it is a sign that United States economy is only itching along its recovery process. You can't blame consumers, who are spooked by the current state of affairs. Obama should be aware of what is happening to our economy, this gives us a clue of economic crisis. It's tough to rationalize spending when the job market is stuck.

  • No, weak retail sales are but one in a million economic indicators.

    The economic recovery that is (or isn't) taking place is cyclical and has very little to do with the weak retail sales stores were seeing over the holiday. Retail sales were actually up from 2011. There's a lot that could be said about why holiday retail didn't perform as well as expected. None of this has anything to do with the perception of Barack Obama's policies however. If that were the case, the United States would have a different president right now.

  • It doesn't

    The way people spend for Christmas is fluctuating, there is a lot more online shopping with which comes a lot of person to person trading and less direct from business purchasing. There is no one sampling that can prove an economy is or is not recovering, the overall picture shows it is improving (at an agonizingly slow rate).

  • No, The Sales Numbers Prove Nothing

    The weak holiday retail numbers this year do not prove that Obama recovery is a myth. President Barack Obama has continuously said that the recovery is a process that will take a while. If you look at the numbers you will see that there are improvements where he said they would be at this point in the recovery.

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