• They use the money saved for good causes.

    I think they should receive tax breaks. Colleges operate as a non-profit-making organization for the benefit of their students and academics, much in the same way as charities, so no one makes a profit from the tax breaks, and the money goes to a good cause, educating students and furthering research.

  • No, wealthy colleges do not deserve tax breaks.

    Wealthy people and organizations have more money to spare and as such these higher income groups should be taxed more. It is fair for people and organizations with less money to pay in less in taxes because they have less to spare. An economic hardship should not be placed on them because they have to pay high taxes.

  • NOt at all

    No, I do not feel like a college that is makiang a lot of money to begin with needs to have a lot of tax breaks, unless they are taking them and giving the students a lot more money for scholarships and a lot of other things of that nature.

  • No, wealthy colleges are successful businesses

    Wealthy colleges do not deserve tax breaks, as they are successful businesses which are capable of making profits regularly. Colleges which have managed to become wealthy over time are firmly rooted in a geographical location and have established reputations, so they will not leave due to tax reasons as individuals might.

  • No They Don't

    I do not believe wealthy colleges deserve tax breaks. I think giving tax breaks out in this manner is partially what is wrong with the United States and it's one of the reasons we are in massive debt. There's no reason to give these institutions a break, they have plenty of financing and don't need help.

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