• A wealthy parent makes a better parent

    I’m a single parent. I have some college education but never finished. I’ve never made much money, although I work harder than most (tree trimming). Having more money would make for a better life, and I would be able to do more for my daughter. In this world, everything revolves around money. If you disagree you’re a naive child.

  • Depends on what you mean by wealthy...

    If you mean parents who have a good stable life and home (farm or city), I definitely believe a stable life is needed for the kids to be happy. Now there is one extreme, which I don't even consider prosperous. A materialsitic parent that's into rap and whatnot, no. But stability is good.

  • What's your definition of "wealthy"?

    What is wealthy? Most people on the planet don't even associate directly with "wealthy" people. Only 20% of Americans make over 100k & unless you make over 100k answering this question is giving an uneducated opinion that carries no weight. What is a "good" parent? Someone who loves & nurtures & provides, protects & educates yes? I believe it ALSO means setting a good example ! Money & quality of caretaking/healthcare/safety of living environment/education options/self esteem are DEFINITELY correlated statistically to income.

  • Why do people assume you can't be happy with money?

    Being a good parent has nothing to do with how much or how little money/wealth you have. The way I see it if your poor and are good parents, your kids will most likely succeed in life but with hardships. Your child will have to go tens of thousands of dollars in debt to get an education and will need to start off in life with very little next to nothing. If you have wealthy parents, they can do everything the poor parents were able to do and on top of that, give their kids a head start in life.

    Also, please don't use the excuse "you will just spoil them if you give them everything!!" you know what spoils a child? giving them materialist things without any rules or responsibilities! your argument is just an excuse to justify the fact that you're greedy and selfish and that you failed as a parent to give your child that head start when they needed it the most.

  • Wealthy Parents Equals Better Parents

    Yes, wealthy parents make better parents in the sense that they are not financially restricted. Wealthy parents are able to provide the best schools, medical care, vacations and clothing for their children. Their wealth guarantees that their children will not suffer due to a lack of money in the budget. Wealthy parents are able to provide a college education for their children so they do not have to graduate from college with several thousand dollars’ worth of student debt. Wealthy parents are also able to enrich their children’s lives by exposing them to different cultures and ways of life. Wealthy parents are better parents because they are able to do so much more for their children.

  • Favoritism is poison.

    My mother grew up ln a wealthy southern family, youngest of four. Her mother favored the second born a son and the third born a daughter. My papa was never around but he was aware and tried to make up the disparity with gifts to my mother and eldest son. He also took my mother on fishing trips with him. She always had new cars in high school from her father, but never the love she wanted from her mother.
    While in college she became engaged to a young law student from the south. They were to wed after they completed studies. At a school function a classmate introduced his roommate to My mother. A brash,witty yankee from Vermont who was a salesman for Hertz.
    My papa cried at the wedding. My father would later arrange a large contract between Hertz and by Papa's business.
    Eventually for many reasons my folks moved to my father's native Vermont. She loved and embraced v.T. My mother was written out of the family business.
    We visited my aunt and Grandparents every spring . (I'm not speaking for all my cousins and uncles) Many of the conversations were about money and things. It seems to me looking back they had plenty so why talk about lt. If you lack for money and things it would be a big concern and the central theme in life.

  • Nope. Nope. Nope.

    Wealthy parents may or may not be morally upright. Wealth offers only one guarantee- that whatever the child gets that can be controlled by money will be the best. However, money never offered any assurance for making a person a good one. We must understand that upbringing depends on personality.

  • Breeding Ground for Control and Greed.

    Although wealthy parents being more able to afford a better home, fast cars, expensive clothing, best schools in town - are very often more obsessed with their wealth to actually realise the personal and relational needs of the children. Most times, when the children are fully grown and perhaps married themselves, the parents become dominating and over-controlling and enjoys swinging wealth in front of their children's eyes. Trust issues arises when the parents look more to what will damage their moneybook than what will emotionally scar their kids. Every conversation within the family unit will always have a link to the financial side or financial implications that eventually it can backfire if the children disagrees or has a different point of view. Also wealthy parents tend to be greedy for more wealth and the vicious cycle never ends....So with that wealthy parents definitely do not make better parents.

  • Wealth Doesn't Improve Parenting

    The amount of money a person has does not affect his or her qualities as a human being. As a result, people with money can be equally good or bad parents in comparison with people who have little money. In fact, people with great wealth often tend to spoil their children and give them far more than they need.

  • It's the same

    Both rich and poor parents can be good parents if they do pay attention to their next generation and are willing to learn how to educate the children and how to stimulate their interests in some particular areas. The salaries of the parents are just one aspect of the education, while the personalities of the parents are more significant.

  • Time Most Important?

    I came across a photo with the caption: Spending time with children is more important than spending money on children.' Every single person 'liked' the photo. Only people who can easily afford basic needs would agree with that. Basic needs cost money. Maslow's hierarchy is quite simple to understand. If people aren't spending enough time with their children, and are able to easily provide basic needs, it is obvious that they will like a comment as above.

  • Rich for Money's Sake

    Money and success was conditional on me being loved, honored and acceptable. Being an orphan is probably easier to live with than being treated with indifference by ignorant, selfish rich parents. I accepted and loved them anyway and perhaps they finally understood what I meant when I said ''Money isn't everything''.

  • Wealthy Parents aren't always better.

    Wealthy parents often only care about money. The dad is usually really busy and the mum is too busy being pretty and going to parties.
    Wealthy parents that care about children often enroll them in every course the can find. The child may get a better education, but it's tiring and puts too much pressure. Rich parents of course want their child to be better than other so that also puts pressure.

  • Money should not raise your kids

    Wealthy parents are often absent from their child's life, they may often leave them with a nanny and so while their child may be well taken care of they don't get the necessary affection from their parents. Rich parents may also have a tenancy to spoil their children and this isn't good for them. This is not to say that all rich parents are like that but there is nothing inherent in rich parents that makes them better parents.

  • No, usually they're worse

    Being wealthy helps parents to provide their children with anything that money can buy. They will have the biggest houses, fastest cars, and coolest clothes but usually they are missing someone around teaching them about life. In most wealthy homes they grow up with a nanny or babysitter. Mom and dad are usually busy working or roaming so they do not have their parents around to bond with or to receive love from. They may not be taught the true value of things in life.

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