Do Western countries have a bad influence on China?

  • Influence isn't a dominate control of a state but rather the ability to change any idea or status quo.

    The key word is Have. (ongoing)
    Communism, capitalism, both these ideologically originated in Western Countries(like France) have negative aspects to them. Just as positive. Both people attribute to China stereotypical characteristic in a negative light. The argument that any negative influence that china have adopted from the west willingly is irrelevant to the Question.

    I think people of western nation have a concept that Democracy is a one fit all solution. It's not as it was applied with the end of Qing dynasty, the result was massive civil war with a large amount of disagreement and massive unready population (uneducated population). This influence was applied in a system that wasn't theirs or wasn't accustom to. Another is the perception that China will only learn from positive aspect of Western powers and forget the painful humiliations, bias treatment and dirty trick of the past . Humiliation set by the western power is a huge influence left on China.

    The current dispute over the different China have with its neighbor.
    When Republic China was founded and WW1 ended, China protested for Germany colonies to be return to China but enough of the international agree that it should be given to Japan or US giving disputed island to their ally Japan (administration) rather to China or at least there was no discussion. Decisions like these, made by western countries have influence China nationalism today. This is currently reflected with disputes, as China isn't negotiating much and simply staking claims (Does taking whatever i want when i want remind anyone of other powers?)

    Lastly we live a global world, to say there are no influence set by western countries onto China would be ignorance of reality. And like i said before influences will no doubt be presented in both positive and negative.

  • Western Countries Good Influence on China

    No, Western countries do not have a bad influence on China. In fact, the opposite is true as Western countries promote the ideals of democracy and personal freedom, two systems that the Chinese abhor. If enough people in China are given these ideals, perhaps an uprising against the totalitarian regime will take place and bring happiness to China's people.

  • Western countries do not affect China in a bad way

    China has long been a large exporter of goods to Western countries. If those countries are a bad influence on China, then it is the fault of China alone for choosing to have such a relationship with them. The fact is that China owns so much of the Western world that any influence of the West on China can only be China's fault.

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