• Yes, there is many examples.

    The results provide evidence of connections between movies messages and girls‟acceptance" of attitudes emphasizing the importance of appearance for girls.This objectification and sexploitation has changed the rules of society and along with it the attitudes of men and women have changed. The more objectifying female artists present images that emphasize women‟s appearance, sexuality, and desirability to men, and these findings suggest that girls who identify more strongly with these artists may be internalizing their messages about women.

  • Western movies have evolved into a sophisticated film genre

    Western films have been around for almost a hundred years. They are popular with movie-goers of all ages. They feature action and adventure, and characters with sex appeal. Some are dramatic, others are funny. These movies are meant to be entertaining, not offensive. Newer and diverse films such as Django Unchained, True Grit, and Rango have complex narratives and dazzling special effects. Many newer films have received critical acclaim, and are as popular as films released in the 50s and 60s. There is something for everyone in modern western film. The genre has not faded away.

  • Western movies have their place

    Western movies in a lot of ways were ahead of their time. All movies promotes bias' in some way. We are human and until everyone is equal in every way people will always be able to find 'hidden messages' in movies, music and books, even if they were not written that way.

  • Western movies are changing with the times

    Western movies are depicting women in strong, dominant roles now. There are number one hit shows such as Scandal, How to get away with Murder and many others, showing women as attorneys, fixers, doctors, financial wizards on wall street etc. The role of women are changing in society and it appears that Hollywood has noticed. There are hit women more brutal than their male counterparts, coming in to wipe out bad guys. There doesn't appear to be gender bias in Hollywood flicks now, as much as years gone by.

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