Do white people believe that society treats black's the same as them?

Asked by: cokodog
  • Yes, of course.

    When you are born into this world, you are fated to be black or white. The only different between black and white is the colour of skin and the components of the body. Their mindset, colour of blood and language which are spoken is all the same. Black and white people can be teased as well.

  • No, I don't think so.

    Some people are just against black, I don't know why but they are, it's not right. I also think saying "that's racist" is racist in itself in most situations. For example when my sister was doing a project where the kids cut out magazines and they but the people from differ places on the place they would probably originate from. One kid said "ok this guy had dark skin so he'd probably go in Africa." The another kid said " that's racist" it's not racist it's a vact if someone said "ok this guys is light skinned so he goes in probably Europe" that not racist. It's racist to think that black people are different from us like that. They are equals, they should not be treated differently. It's the same with sexissum.

  • Umm, hell no.

    This is a ridiculous question. Of course society doesn't treat them equally. It's evident in movies, commercials, sitcoms, employment etc. I am white and grew up in primarily black neighborhoods and schools etc. In my white elders conversations, there were plenty of instances where things were said about blacks (Asians, Hispanics etc) that were not positive and were not said in the presence of minorities. I honestly can't recall my parents saying negative things but plenty of our relatives did. Fast forward now as a 30 something, progress has been made by white families my children and my friends children are not witnessing this table talk but white kids are still seeing themselves as superior in everyday messaging (see third sentence re: where the messaging is coming from).

  • Some do not and are proud of it >:(

    Like the Lowland Scots, Danes, and Swedes (Germanics in general). But not all whites think that way it's only some who feel that way. Unfortunately a lot of blacks however don't feel that way. They feel as though they're still receiving the short end of the stick. There is truth to this on their side.

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