Do "white people" have an affirmative duty to combat institutionalized racism in America?

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  • White people created the system and still receive the privileges.

    Today, those who enforce the laws and control much of the economy still do not accurately reflect the demographics of America - most of the power still resides in white people's hands, and this power is continually used to benefit white people and violate the equal rights of non-whites.

    Because white racists are more likely to engage and be persuaded by other white people, and because white people generally have additional privileges and opportunities resulting from systemic racism, it is the duty of white people to combat racism when confronted by it - indifference or silence to racism is implicit racism.

  • Affirmative Duty? Do you understand the legal definition?

    LOL WHAT?!? You sense no make.

    1) What is a "white person"?
    2) You do realize that Jews, Irish, and Italians were historically oppressed, used as slaves, and abused more than all other races combined right?
    3) Why is everything always about "white people" being at fault? As with Africans, your own brothers, literally brothers sold you out for what equated to pennies
    4) "White People" in the Union (North), are the ones who freed you from the Confederacy (South)
    5) "White People" ended slavery by sacrificing 1,532,278 to the Civil War effort, leaving 2,430,924 in reserves when needed
    6) 596,670 Union "White People" were killed, wounded, captured, or missing in the Civil War to free you
    7) The Charleston incident was one of very few white racists remaining in this nation
    8) "White People" in the FBI, and the Mafia teamed up to end the rule of the KKK for you
    9) "White People" went to war in the Pacific and the European theater, sacrificing 405,399 American soldiers to keep Hitler from getting here and sticking you in some jacked up gas chamber. That doesn't account for the "White People" not American nor the Americans that fought under the flags of other nations so they could get out there instead of sitting at a base
    10) I grew up the only "White boy" in the hood, then moved to an extension of Mexico (figure out the state), out of the thousands of "minorities" I have met, the ones that know my name I could probably count on one hand. The rest identified me as White Boy, Whitey, Wonder Bread, Mayo, Miracle Whip, White Bread, Cracker, Saltine, Gringo, Slim Shady, Flacca, Blanco, Blanca, and every other noun with a white pigment you could think of; they still do. I took the time to at least know their names.
    11) You constantly use the term "White Person"
    12) America was created by and for "Pilgrims" to escape the oppressive English Crown so they could practice their religion without fear of persecution and without fear of slavery
    13) Where is this "Institutionalized Racism"? Have you looked at the President of the United States of America lately?
    14) In order to receive this Affirmative Duty, you must present the individual(s) who earned this through oppression. *Binoculars*
    15) Slaves were, as opposed to popular myth, treated very well in general. All those whippings and torture and stuff was far and few between. Why? An injured worker is an unproductive, useless worker; plus slaves were expensive to purchase at auction then maintain on site. It's a waste of money to abuse them. I WAS NOT THERE! So please stop telling me I was a reason for slavery
    16) You live in a free society, stop playing the victim
    17) Black Americans have their own colleges
    18) Affirmative Action
    19) Al Sharpton
    20) You're Americans, not African Americans
    21) Stop blaming the world and make something happen.

  • Thats a racist claim

    If white people have a duty to stop other white people from committing hate crimes than black people do as well. In ST louis Zemir Begic was a white man who was hammered to death by a group of black teens who yelled "kill white people"
    According to the National Crime Victimization Survey (NCVS) in 2010 320,082 whites were the victims of violence at the hands of blacks. That same year 62,593 Blacks were the victims of white violence. In 2010, according to the census Bureau there were 196,817,552 white people in America and 37, 685,8948 black people in America. Whites committed interracial violence rate of 32 per 100,000 and blacks committed an interracial violence at the rate of 849 per 100,000. So in 2010 a black person was 26.5 times more likely to commit a violent crime against a white person than a white person was to commit a violent crime against a black person .Black violent criminals chose white victims 47.7% of the time and white violent criminals chose black victims 3.9% of the time.
    In 2010 there were 67,755 black on white aggressive assaults and 1,748 white on black aggressive assaults. Blacks committed interracial aggravated assault at a rate of 181 per 100,000, and whites committed interracial aggravated assault at a rate of 0.9 per 100,000 people. Blacks committed interracial aggravated assault at a rate 201 times higher than whites did. Blacks who committed interracial aggravated assault chose white victims 44.1% of the time and whites who committed interracial aggravated assault chose black victims 6/10ths -of the time. (NCVS)
    In 2010 there were 13,463 black on white rapes and 30 white on black rapes.In 2010 there were 38,074 black on white robberies and 30 white on black robberies. Blacks who did robbery chose white victims 28% of the time and black rapists chose white victims 50.2% of the time. (NCVS, BJS) I guess black people have a duty to stop other blacks they dont even know from committing crimes against white people... Since black on white crime is 8 times higher than white on black crime a white person should be 8 times more likely to claim that blacks have a duty to stop black on white crime, than a black person is to say that whites have a duty to stop white on black crime... NO of course not. Individuals are responsible for them selves. I am not going to blame a random black guy in new mexico for the death of a Bosnian white man in Missouri. He couldn't have stopped that crime in any way just like i could not have stopped the SC shooting in any way.
    In Colin Flaherty’s book White Girl Bleed a lot he documents 500 black mob attacks between 2010 and 2013.

  • Excuse me, but...

    There is no institutionalized racism in America. The only possible exception is the KKK, but they are not an institution. Minorities have the same rights as every other American citizen. Are you one of those people who consider opposing illegal immigration to be racist, by any chance? I know some people think that way. They're idiots, who should seek professional help.

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