• Whitey gotta pay!

    All y'all pink muthafuckaz be hatin on my niggaz and I be all mad and shit Cuz whitey try a keep da black man down. They be kill in my niggaz, taking my pot, taken my bitches and fuckin up my hood. I be tired of did shiznit. WHITEY GOTTA PAY!

  • As a Mature Man I do agree

    Up to a certain extent i actually agree with this. Many things whites do harm society in a way. The USA was never there land and they should attempt to "claim" or "act" like it is. It was the natives to begin with. And they wiped them. So they do deserve to die.

  • Are you kidding me?

    Not all whites are racist! NOT ALL WHITES WANT INEQUALITY! There are tons of white people who want to solve this inequality problem we have in the world. White liberals were a very big part of the Civil Rights Movement, y'know. Please, people, stop comparing a group of rednecks in the Southern USA to the rest of the white people. If you do that, you're just as racist as they are.

  • NO! Not at all!

    Nothing the whites have done deserve such a severe punishment as death. I've never hated a black and never will, I've never owned a slave and never will. No one alive today was a slave, not in america. Do we really deserve a punishment for an act most of us alive never committed?

  • Not all white people are bad

    Mind you I have reason to hate a lot of the ones I've dealt with, but to want genocide against them would make us just like the Devil. There are good white people out there, and unlike the answers above me, which are actually ignorant of racism, racism has been directed at all non-whites (just that some tend to raise it more), and slavery has nothing to do with racism -- never has.

  • It's simply racism to suggest it

    The fact people genuinely think this should happen is terrifying. To an extent, I get it comes from a need for revenge, but that doesn't work in the long-run. It only creates a further divide between races rather than thawing tensions. No white today owns a slave (at least i hope not), and forcing them to pay in the worst way possible for things people did centuries ago is pure insanity. It's ironic that a large point of the civil rights movement is people should be judged on their character, not their skin color, and yet here we are, people doing exactly that to whites.

  • Dude you're an idiot for thinking they deserve to die.

    As a black person, I totally say white peoples have changed over time. You're an actual idiot for even questionning this. They do NOT deserve to die and I seriously think you have problems... Idiot, this is probably a troll question but honestly. You are a pure Idiot for thinking of this.

  • This is ridiculous.

    Killing people of an entire race for their so called "inequality" does nothing. It in fact is putting the killers on the same people who actually caused that inequality for them in the first place. Whether it is white or any other race makes no difference. If another race caused inequality for another, then they are helping in no way buy committing genocide, because that would simply level up the inequality exponentially.

  • Are you serious?

    The color of a person's skin has nothing to do with the content and character of a person and what they could do/ how they could contribute to the community and society they are in. Sure, whites in history have been dominant at most points, but now, whites are legally as equal as every other race. To say that whites should die for inequality in this day and era is both an ignorant statement and a discriminatory statement. I'd understand where you're coming from if you were enslaved in the 18th or 17th century.

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Vox_Veritas says2015-05-16T01:43:23.747
Inequality does not warrant death. Besides, there are rich blacks and poor whites.