• I think yes

    I don't wear makeup or fancy cloths because if i did i would be out of money buying the best makeup that most people wear.I went shopping with my friend and the first place we went was a makeup store and she spent most of here money there and I didn't buy nothing there at all.You don't need makeup to be beautiful or popular.

  • Money and beauty

    I believe that woman are spending way too much money a year woman are spending at least 15,000 dollars a year! So that's why I believe that girls spend way too much on beauty.
    Beauty is an important thing to a lot of girls yes but beauty Is not all you live for. Take off that makeup and show your natural beauty!

  • The average woman for sure.

    I never quite understood the hype over makeup, hair products, etc. In the end, they always seem to look the same with makeup or without. Women throw away thousands simply to try to appear slightly more attractive, when in reality, no one cares. Well, I suppose the media holds a fair bit of responsibility for this, but there still remains the sense of self responsibility.

  • Women spend their life and money most on beauty.

    Why they are doing this? They are already beautiful. Natural beauty is free and maintenance free and does not crave men, but also attractive.

    They love entertaining men in a sexual way, they are teasing them. They love themselves than other people around them. They prioritize others than their love ones. I imagine, if I had that kind of wife, she's a hypocrite to me. So I prefer a decent woman as my future wife. I wait for a true love a come.

  • Aging and beauty

    I think that everyone wants to stay young as long as possible. As I see it, women are more worried than men about signs of aging. First wrinkles and gray hair make women more disappointed. So some women tend to spend too much money on beauty buying anti aging cosmetics even if they are young .

  • No, not at all!

    Although it isn't necessarily a requirement, women spend their money towards beauty products (i.E. Makeup, perfume, hair product, even certain clothing). Beauty is a preference. It can make women feel more confident. Beauty products or "enhancers" help show off our best features, if not, amplify them. I say, if a woman wants to spend her money on beauty, then let her.

  • Beauty is a hobby

    I believe that this argument is ridiculous. First of all, there is no definition of what "too much" is. That's your opinion. And second of all, I love beauty. I love experimenting with makeup and hair. It's an art form. Yes, I am insecure about my appearance, and yes, makeup makes me feel better, but that's not my sole reason for wearing it. I genuinely enjoy sporting a smokey eye during a night out or a bold lip every once in a while. How about, instead off telling someone to embrace their natural beauty, you tell them to embrace themselves how they are, makeup or not.

  • This is a stereotypical assumption

    Yes, some woman may spend too much. I'm not even a girl, but I know people that do not. Pretty much all my friends that are girls have one or two pairs, and rarely use make-up, and my mom only has a couple pairs. This is a stereotype that needs to go away.

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