• Women belong in the house!

    I'm a woman myself and I believe we should be cleaning, Making dinner, And having children, It is our job! We should listen to the men and do what's told, Not run around loose doing whatever we please like wild horses. I am serious, I dislike women who think they are the boss and not thinking about the men who are in charge, We are human but weak and meant for making children and being under the command of men.

  • Women are property.

    I believe, With absolute 100% certainty, That women are a weaker being and should be the property of men. They do not deserve the same rights as men, And should be kept as domesticated as a house cat. Women exist for two reasons; child labor, And pleasuring men. Men should be able to get whatever they want from a woman, And should be alowed to treat their bodies like property. Wether it be for sex, Beatings, Or slave labor, Men should do whatever makes them feel good. As the great Martin Luther once said, "Women should remain at home, Sit still, Keep house, And bear and bring up children. . . If a woman grows weary and, At last, Dies from childbearing, It matters not. Let her die from bearing - she is there to do it. "

  • Its a choice

    It's a woman's choice to chill at home. It's a hot deal to make a meal or two, Some laundry, And hang out the rest of the day. You're husband will respect you less for not making an income, And he is reminded of this every time he pays a bill. Then you're children will grow up and not respect you. Then they'll likely stick you with one of their kids to raise because they know you're not doing anything. Then your grandchild will respect you even less, But you vow to do better with them than your own children, But all for nought. It's a choice.

  • Yes a woman’s place is in the home

    A woman’s place is in the home she should no must insure a warm meal for her husband when he gets home she must keep the home clean and insure that her husband is snuggled enough to keep his stress level low she also must speak her mind and be his friend

  • I'm a woman and I say yes

    I want to simply support my husband's emotional and physical needs, Cooking for him and making sure he feels welcome when nobody else will welcome him. I want him to feel secure and loved by me and in turn I want him to care for me and treat me with kindness.

  • A Woman is nothing more than a pet

    Yes you heard me correctly women are pets smart pets but pet's non the less they are much like a talking dog who is at times smarter than his owner but they are still pets they should not be expected to work they have one job to cuddle and snuggle with her husband who is her master and owner she should be his best friend and submit to him as a good pet

  • A woman's place is in the home

    A Woman is the care taker of and best friend/lover to her husband she should stay home keep it clean and cook dinner for her husband she should please him sexually and with cuddles and snuggles she should do as told by her husband who is her provider and defender she must be honest with him and tell him when he is being a jackass

  • I think so

    Men have always been The providers and women have always been The caretakers and I believe that God wants women to work at least as possible and what better place to not work than at home thanks to modern technology home work is very simple so women can do it fairly easily and then go relax actually my bucket criticism of women is that a lot of them work to hard like dude take a chill pill

  • My aternative opinion

    This is a bad question. Everyone belongs in a home, Men and women alike. The question should be more specific. So I will answer "yes", But I also believe that women should be able to decide what to do with their lives. There are cretins on both the "yes" and "no" sides of the argument.

  • Nah my nigga

    They belong in strip clubs so we can fap. They belong in whorehouses so we can fap. Basically, Women are sexy. We need them out in the world. Leaving them in the home is just a waste of their true potential. Overall, Women shouldn't be in homes, But they should be out there being sexy.

  • Why the f**k is this still an issue in 2020?

    Women have been suppressed for thousands of years, Being treated like objects and suffering under misogyny and the patriarchal system. Everyone who thinks that females have no more of a use other than for the pleasure of men and child labour can go f**k themselves. Saying that their only purpose in LIVING AS HUMAN BEINGS is to serve men and be 'sexy'. . Are you aware of how stupid that sounds? Your mothers did not sit around for nine months begging for her period instead of enduring pain, Just for pieces of shit like you to completely disrespect females like this. Martin Luther said nothing of the sort, You're just spewing bullshit and spreading it around on the internet because you can't face the fact that you won't ever find a girl to love you back. Women have the right to do whatever they wish, They are not restricted to the home and there is not a single way for it to ever be appropriate that men decide that.

  • We're HUMAN, Not puppets.

    These answers disgust me. Women are not property, We are humans who are capable of making our own choices. Our purpose in life is to live and choose what we want to do. There is no science that proves that we are less than men, Though men are biologically stronger. That does not mean that we aren't physically strong, We're more emotionally strong. Women shouldn't be servants because men want constant sandwiches and sex.

  • What the f*** question is that? Woman's place is where they want

    WHY? We are in 21st century, And we didn't already show you, Man, That we can do everything we want (obeying the laws)
    regardless of what you think? Low the crest, And see the igualitary world that we will have, I believe. Go learn Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Please. . .

  • Of Course not!

    How can you possibly argue that women should not have jobs and have more meaning to their life than cleaning and cooking? Women do not have to have children and if they do why can't the husband or partner look after the child, The child contains an equal number of chromosomes from both mother and father, So they should play an equal role in the upbringing of the child.

  • No, Women "belong" wherever they please, So long as they are not harming anyone.

    In 2020, There is no reason why a woman cannot exist in the outside world. There are so many different ways that children can e cared for, Homes could be cleaned etc. Women deserve every opportunity to make her own living. NO ONE should be forced to rely on a man to live comfortably.

  • What the f**k? Absolutely not!

    Okay so. . . I'm really confused on why this question is being asked in 2020. Surely people are smart enough to realise that women are MORE than domesticated animals whose sole purpose in existing is for all the domestic duties needed for their husband and family - but alas, I guess I was too optimistic. Women are so much more than decorative ornaments to be paraded or to be exploited to complete day-to-day activities while the husband and family go about their daily life. It's such a tiring expectation for women to be this 'angel of the house' when they - like every other human being on this planet - have a right to lead a life exactly how they desire.

    The whole shebang that "women are to be at home to nurture their children and keep the house clean" is so so SO old-fashioned and with the world is changing tremendously, People's mindsets have got to change too. We can't have world progress when people are clutching to the traditional gender norms. . .

  • They Most Certainly Do Not!

    The question is not why we belong in the home, It's why don't we belong in the home. For a million reasons. We are human beings and if men don't belong in the home, Why should we? Everyone is free to do what they want to do with their lives and the only situation in which we belong in the home is the one where we, Of our own free will, Say we do. So suck it, You shallow sexist men.

  • Anyone Can do Anything

    Neither women nor men are entitled to conform to society's expectations. Men can do what women do and women can do what men do. Women have every right to try new things and stand up for what they believe in, And try to make the world a better place, And so can men. Anyone can do great things if they put their minds to it. :)

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GuyIncognito1 says2020-07-29T13:42:07.293
This is a bad question. Everyone belongs in a home, Men and women alike. The question should be more specific. So I will answer "yes", But I also believe that women should be able to decide what to do with their lives. There are cretins on both the "yes" and "no" sides of the argument.

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