• Of course they do!

    Why wouldn't they! They are just as qualified to do the exact same things us men are. They can have Military roles as us! Anyone who thinks otherwise, i think you don't believe they should have let you out of the insane asylum just yet. Stupid freaking idiots. Just STUPID!

  • Yeah! No dip!

    Look, I'm a mere 12 year old, but even I know that women deserve equality. I mean, lets be real here, WE ARE ALL HUMAN! I don't have any evidence, but do I need it? And honestly, physical abilities don't matter. As long as a women has her heart set on it, she can do it. Take Amelia Earheart for example. She had her heart set on flying around the world and look who did? SHE DID IT!

  • Kind of, but not really.

    Women do deserve legal equality. As in being able to enjoy all the equality men get. However, what they must understand is that they can't do everything a MAN can do. Women like to believe they are physically equal to men, but sadly they're not. That's just nature for ya.

    However, I'm curious as to what you mean by "Equality". As far as I know, women are equal to men when it comes to equality. The 23 cent price gap is a funny rumor perpetuated by Feminists, if that's what you're referring to.

  • Yes , Yes it deserved

    Men and women are born equal in the eyes of God, why wouldn't women deserve equality? The society and the world don't belong to men only.Without women men cannot do nothing on the earth. The women and men's strenght and weakness. All women deserve equal rights with men. They deserve more

  • Yes, Yes it is Deserved.

    Women are human being. Women and men are equal within the law and specially in God's eye. Women deserve equal rights like men. The society doesn't belong to men only. As said in the CRPD women and girls deserve full enjoyment and equal opportunities. We need to support women because without them we'd do nothing. Women are men strength and weakness.

  • No dip Sherlock

    All women everywhere should have the right to do whatever they want such as employment. I mean really, WE ARE ALL HUMAN. I have no text evidence but it doesn't matter. Some opinions are correct. Everyone deserves equality, whether the government likes it or not. Women should get the equality they deserve!!!😘

  • Yes it is deserved.

    Equality of the sexes is necessary; women are human and posses the same abilities as men, albeit with less physical strength. Women are humans and as such they do deserve equal rights. Society must give women equal treatment of men to be considered a truly egalitarian society. It is necessary for modern society.

  • Women over the years have been left with no equality and men think that's fine its not women have suffered so much over the years.

    My mother had suffered this for so so many years and it ruined her i would come home every day and she would be in her room crying. I tried everything for her to leave her partner but she wouldn't. I hated to see her like that it killed me.

  • If she can, Let her.

    Though men and women are not physically equal, They do deserve the oppertunity to do what the other gender can. However, They must meet the same standards in order to be treated equal.

    They should be able to vote if they have a job and have meat in the game.

  • Yes they are human beings

    Men being physically stronger has nothing to do with not getting as many rights as them. The world will be a much better place without feminist if woman had the same right. People think that just cause men are stronger woman can’t get the same rights. That’s not ok at all

  • No, because they don't contribute equally

    What do women really contribute to society. When really think deep about it , what do women do? Men have to do absolutely everything. Everything you see around you was creating by a man. Aside from bearing children I don't what women are good for. Even children raised by women all turn out badly .

  • They are basically just sex dolls

    They just give us men pleasure d d
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    We just give them the D

  • Why do women deserve it?

    If women and men are equal, why do women NEED gender quotas, massive protests and other government-backed policies to help them even get equal jobs to men? Women don't deserve equality if they aren't actually equal themselves. Also, if women are equal, how have men sucsessfully dominated them for almost all of history?

  • They did absolutely nothing positive

    Men could do everything, what about women? They do nothing expect for asking for more "equal" rights and trying to steal money and children from their husbands. They don't contribute any positive changes to our society today. With out men's support, they can't do anything. Most women were emotional and extremely selfish, and according to the news, children that grew up in female environments were mostly mental defaults.

  • Equal rights not required

    Islam rocks in the sense that women know what is expected from them. The result - really less divorces, good upbringing of children, almost negligible infidelity. Legal rights are fine but it should b made clear to them that family system is their first responsibility. Let the men hunt, women nest

  • Totally unjustified always

    In my 52 years I have never meet a women who wasn't needy and vacuous, yes even my own mother. From school into the workforce scheming manipulators all of them. Women have claimed my work and efforts as their own. A women a befriending having rejected her sexually made allegations of assault. All proven as lies.No my experience says give them little credit and no responsibility.

  • Women are not as good as men.

    Women have never been able to lead a country accurately to a better spot than they were before. Women always depend on men to make decisions for them. Women are not able to create something good and useful for themselves without the assistance of a man. They, as in women, need men to be able to do anything.

  • Women are breeders.

    They only exist to produce babies mofo kek kek kek kek kek kek kek kek kek kek kek kek kek kek kek kek kek kek kek kek kek kek kek kek kek kek kek kek kek kek kek kek kek kek kek kek kek kek kek kek kek kek kek kek kek

  • Women don't need the vote.

    Yes- women have the vote but what has it done to society? Women still need quotas and government policies to help them get jobs. Most children and babies and up being rebellious nuisances to society because they lack motherly love and why do women do this? Because they want to do what men do? What does the vote have to do with equality anyway? Women have the vote yet they get raped, low class jobs etc. equality should do with women and men having the same standard of living rather than men using shrewdness to vote and women using their emotions to vote.

  • Women are the inferior gender and therefore shouldn’t have rights

    It has been scientifically proven that women are weaker, Less intelligent, Less logical, And overall worse than men at almost anything except for child care and baby making. Although men are better at cooking, Women should only be in the kitchen because the superior man is out actually doing things. If you give women rights than they get to make their own decisions which would ruin society. Women should not be allowed to leave the house without her husbands permission and shouldn’t have the right to refuse sex from a man.

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