Do women deserve recognition for their already existing role in combat operations?

  • Yes, they support combat.

    Women in the armed forces are serving in some difficult situations and put their lives at risk. They also do what it takes to allow combat to be done with no worries about how things are being dealt with behind the scenes, so they deserve a lot of recognition for their role.

  • Yes they do

    I think that everyone deserves recognition for their role in combat operations, but since women do not get very much credit for their role in the protection and service for this country, I definitely think they need more recognition and praise. Women do play a part in serving this country, just like men, and they deserve credit where credit is due.

  • Yes but we should ignore that they are women

    Women do deserve the proper recognition for their service in combat operations. With that said I don't think we should make a case that they deserve it because they are women. We should do it because they are deserving of the recognition. Everyone deserving of recognition should receive it from combat.

  • Women do deserve recognition for their already existing role in combat operations.

    Women do deserve recognition for their already existing role in combat operations. They have already shown that they can fight just as well as men and even in the front of the battlefield. I think we should give them the credit that they are showing that they deserve. I do not think holding them back would benefit anyone.

  • They sure do

    Women deserve as much recognition for their already existing role in combat operations as it could be available. It is one of the hardest tasks to accomplish because it takes courage and will which was usually intended for men for thousands of years. This defeats the mentality that women can do it too.

  • Women deserve recognition, not being repositioned

    It is true that women have been serving in all branches of the military without incident for a while, now. However, they were kept off of the front-lines. Are women as capable as men? Absolutely. There is undeniably, equality of the two sexes. The issue here is the potentials that both respective genders have on the front-lines. Men have the collective potential to be faster, stronger, and better fighters than women do. It is the way men are born. Whereas, women have the collective potential to create a "weak link" and let their emotions take over in the inevitable stressful situations that they will encounter. I'm not advocating that women be kept out of the military, though; just the front-lines.

  • Absolutely they do

    Women deserve recognition for the participation they've had and will in the future. The air force is not a stranger to women, a recent removal of a ban on front line combat isn't opening a door to women being in dangerous situations they've never been in before. They've been doing their work like anybody else signed up in the armed service.

  • Yes, Women Deserve Recognition

    Widely unknown to many, women serve a large role in combat operations. A recent debate on whether or not to allow women into combat infantry units has highlighted the slight that women receive in their vital operational military service. Many women have died in current military excursions but most people do not realize the sacrifices made by them.

    Posted by: pdrm
  • No More Than A Man

    I think the easiest way to answer this question is, if a man were in the same position as the woman, would the receive further recognition, for being there? I think the answer to that is no. I think women should have the right to be part of combat operations, but they should meet all of the same standards and qualifications as the men. They should not be singled out or receive more recognition than there counterparts.

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