Do women enjoy casual sex with any stranger as much as men? If not, Then why every scientific explanation is against this.

  • Let's be honest.

    From puberty onwards human physiology is primarily programmed for reproduction. All brain driven urges require satisfaction. How we achieve satisfaction is down to situation, Circumstance and brain conditioning. Come what may it's bound to end up in a sticky mess, So best just roll with it and enjoy.
    And it's always a good idea to keep a few tissues handy.

  • Women are trying to redefine modesty.

    They say never do what women say always do what they do. This pretty much summarizes everything going around. Let's see feminist. They want to be equal to men but they still want to be approached by them or want them to pay the bills. They know themselves. Females have a nourishing side. They LIKE to cook for men and do caring stuff. It has been happening since the dawn of time. It was not like before all men and women sat down and agreed ok men and women will be like this and that (Common! ). Its because they are wired that way. Men and women are not the same. Its that you don't want to accept it and hence present foolish arguments and then wonder why there are problems but you know that is true. Science can't be wrong and it has been proved scientifically. So now about casual sex. Women don't like casual sex more like men. They crave for love. The women that say they like is because they had bad luck with their men. I've some very liberal female friends. They have fucked more than a 100 men and are in 20s. They tell me they do it out of hatred for men they just want love. A female mind is set that way to feel better if they have love.

    Posted by: LeGX

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