Do Women expect too much from Men, And make it too difficult for men to get laid?

  • Women have the easiest Dating game

    Women don't need to have any characteristics, Except average looks. They have literally the choice of dozens of guys, That's why they have huge expectations.
    Even in recent studies of speed dating, Women were always more picky and rate guys looks way too harshly. But that is what happens when the game is that easy for them and they have to do nothing at all.

  • Sadly this is true

    First let me be perfectly clear, Women are human beings who deserve
    to be treated with respect, They are human beings but also
    Spiritual beings, Yet why do they make it so difficult for Men to Get Laid, A man has to
    Work so hard to get laid, While a woman just has to be a woman, Women have it
    So much easier than Men, Men have to be confident, Say the right things to women
    and say it in the right way, Seduce them, Etc. What the heck do women want?

  • No we ourselves are picky too

    Guys will rank women based on looks
    guys want 8 9 and 10s. Maybe they might be desperate and settle for a 6 and a 7. But any women that is 5 or below they will ignore.

    Only a few honest men will settle for anything below a 5. Women likewise do not want to be with unattractive men. They can be with anything from a 6 or 10. In fact if your are funny enough or charming you win her heart without being that handsome.

    You probably are aiming too high and expect to have beautiful women fight over you. Chances are that you are ignoring the plain women and you are the one with high standards.

    Win their heart, And lower your expectations.

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Bert101 says2020-05-03T10:32:51.667
We should aim as a society to bridge the divide between the sexes not promoting inequality. Anyone agree?

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