Do women feel pressured to wear what society wants them to?

Asked by: 2ninjacat
  • Women are always looked at more than men....

    In the sense that, men can wear what ever they want when ever they want and look good in it. Women however, have to dress for that occasion and people judge whether they have done a good or a bad job. Men have more freedom than women, as statics show women still get paid less than men, by an average of 60% less.
    Back to the topic- women have a huge range of clothes to choose from at the shops, but men don't. Leaving a mark that women have more fashion than men. So of course they will be judged much more than men in whatever clothes or outfit they have on.

  • Yes, just like everyone else.

    Everyone feels pressure about every aspect of their lives. Men are pressured to be tough, women are pressured to wear certain things, everyone constantly feel are pressured to do certain things. Nothing can be done about this, as people have the right to expect certain things from certain people, so this "issue" is not one that can be prevented.

  • Women are society so lets get with it.

    All these outfits are available because women buy them, wear them and maybe use them. We are not talking on style of one single outfit. Clothing for women has massive differences and designs and women can pick and choose which to wear. Millions of women choose to wear seductive, revealing clothing for many reasons. Some choose my conservative clothing. Typical that women blame society and everyone else for the standards that they themselves make .
    Are they not strong and proud enough to choose for themselves. Wow.

    Posted by: zoo
  • You have the choice

    It is women who judges women, I haven't see a guy say oh that dress is from such and such a place that is so cheap. etc. you are perpetrating this "pressure" on yourselves. Why do you think men wear what ever they want? Because we don't care about how people see us, you prove yourself by what you do, not how you look. If you start thinking that way this will not bother you anymore

  • I disagree, because...

    What somebody wears is a /CHOICE/ and nobody is "pressured" to wear anything. If women are pressured, or forced, then so is everybody else. I know girls who wear unisex/men's clothes, and nobody bats an eye at them. As a matter of fact, more unisex/male clothing is making sales for teenage girls, I've noticed. If somebody is "pressured" to buy gender-specific clothing, and if they are, then they pressured themselves, sorry to say. Also, I'm speaking in terms of Western Society; obviously in places, like, the Middle-East, they're forced to wear.....'certain' clothing.

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