• Women have a way higher pain tolerance then men will ever have

    Month after month after month the same damn thing goes on. PAIN, CRAMPS, SO MUCH BLOOD. Its even worse if the women has kidney stones, take it from someone who does. Then there's the emotional pain. FROM THE MEN WHO CAUSE IT ALL!! We can take so much pain. Now if we get punched then no we probably wont be able to take a hit that's just the way our bodies were made. Besides if its a MAN who hit the GIRL, then that Man was in for a death wish.

  • Yep, it's scientific fact.

    Several independent scientific studies in the late 1980's all came to the conclusion that women have a higher level of pain tolerance than men. They can withstand it for longer periods of time (not surprising considering how long birth normally takes) than men, and they are also more capable of doing thing at the same time as being in pain.

  • Women are stronger than men

    If women can live though the pain in labor than thy are pretty tough. Men on the other hand are babies when it comes to tattoos etc. Its been said that pregnancy is just as painful as catching on fire. Women go through pain every month and they survive. Men, would cry.

  • Women are STRONGER.

    Women are made differently of course, but this doesn't prove anything. Men we're put up to the test. Men claiming women over exaggerate everything went to the hospital and took part in a labour simulator. The men weren't dealing it very well. When the pain was a 4 they thought it had to be at least a 7 but no. Men and woman's bodies are designed differently. They cope with different pains, but no one knows yet if one gender is stronger.

  • Women deal with some pretty painful situations

    I mean, I'm not saying that men have a low pain tolerance but when you figure that ladies have been going through childbirth, and died because of it, since the dawn of humanity, it definitely puts a little more weight on the female side. I mean if you can do that, you can do anything

  • Yes, not only because of childbirth

    The childbirth is not the only reason. Just look at how many various pains women have to go through but men don't. They get menstrual pain, and their breasts hurt too... So that makes them more used to the pain and they can tolerate it better. If you ask people who makes tattoos, then most of them will say that men pass out while making tattoos more often whan women.

  • Support women they have more pain

    Girls have bigger pain because they go through labor and they go through moltiple stages that boys do not know of and they go through 9 months of kicking punching women are special you would be very special if you have one and dont make them angry love them and dont hurt then

  • Support women they have more pain

    Girls have bigger pain because they go through labor and they go through moltiple stages that boys do not know of and they go through 9 months of kicking punching women are special you would be very special if you have one and dont make them angry love them and dont hurt then

  • I am going to say women because I am female but...

    Being a female who was in Labour for 22 hrs when my husband could not even tolerate the tens machine women use to help with contractions I generally believe we are just all different. I personally handle physical pain from breaking bones, childbirth, and getting hit by a male a fight very well but yet a burn or paper cut feels a lot more painful to me. It must be the messages my brain is sending my body as everyone is different. My husband and myself can workout in the gym doing the same thing and he will moan about the healing process for a far longer period than I will yet a boxing match with a bigger guy will result in him brushing himself off and saying nothing about any pain even though physically harmed. Also when I was in Labour I didn't start feeling pain until 5cm dilated when I have friends who were in hospital at 1cm because they could not tolerate the pain. The sum up I feel women can not be compared to men as each individual is very different but in relation to my husband and myself I am the stronger of us and at handling pain and he would agree.

  • Yes! Women have a higher pain tolerance!

    I, being an athletic person, know that when it comes to pain; girls dominate. In sports, you see guys ache on the ground when hurt. A girl , like me,receiving the same pain would simply stand up. Girls experience emotional and physical pain men couldn't being to imagine! If blood coming out of your vagina once a month is not a give away to how girls can deal with discomfort than I don't know what is? MAN IS NOT the superior gender for sports and physical related things. Some studies have shown that women have a higher pain tolerance! Just thought I had to state my opinion. (Also the given fact of child labor which should not be compared getting kicked in the balls).

  • There is stronger evidence against this.

    Women everywhere may tell you that they have a higher pain threshold because:

    ..Oh my, they can bear and birth a CHILD, YES A CHILD. By default they claim that this logically means they can withstand more.

    However, men have never been able to be put to the test. So we must look to other areas. For example, pinching matches, which the guy always wins...


    If men were able to experience labour pain, they'd do a better job of dealing with it.

  • Migraine headache pain

    I have yet to know a guy around me who has migraine headaches to the point of throwing up and/or staying in bed all day as a result...And know many women who do. I rarely ever get headaches and when I do I ignore them for the most part. I may take a couple Tylenol tablets, but a headache here and there, but a headache has never stopped me from doing anything.

  • There is no way in the world that women could possibly have a higher pain tolerance than men.

    There is no way in the world that women could possibly have
    a higher pain tolerance than men. The
    only thing that most women ever do that involves any sort of pain whatsoever is
    childbirth. Men are the ones who do
    physical labor, play sports, and lift weights.
    Women shop.

  • Opinions being stated as facts

    It comes down to each person. Everyone is different so if someone has a definite yes or no answer to this then they are stating their opinions as facts. Some people have a low pain tolerance, some have a high pain tolerance... It isn't gender specific.

    Many people suggest that since woman can "withstand" pregnancy and birth then they must have a higher pain tolerance however that is a massive generalisation.

  • Women are weaker

    Women have a lesser pain tolerance than men. Recent studies have shown that men are able to take pain better than women to a moderate amount. Despite womens' claims that childbirth is so painful that men wouldn't be able to handle it, men would actually be able to stand it better. Men are naturally equipped to take more pain since they were designed for hunting, gathering and defending, while women were made for childbirth.

  • Men Have A Higher Pain Tolerance

    Punch a woman and see what happens. Then, punch a man and see what happens. You will find out yourself that the majority of men handle pain much better than women. Men not only have a higher physical pain tolerance which is somewhat more acknowledged by society, they also have a higher emotional pain tolerance contrary to what people tell you. So basically, men have a higher pain tolerance in all categories. Recent studies have also proved this.

  • Men were bulit through the ages to be fighting machine's and men are very different from women

    Men feel less pain but also feel less pleasure, its called balance in life .Women feel more pain for more pleasure women are more emotional but happier but men have less emotion and are less happy naturally we both have our own struggles We Both Are Different So We Can Help Each other out, men hunt women gather it was like that for a team work reason

  • Well, I ain't gonna say yes...

    Well, gender has little to do with pain tolerance... Some can handle it, some can't it depends on a lot... Mainly, females go through lot's of pain so I assume they get used to it.. But for me? I play paintball and I ran cross country, my body adjusted to the pain.... So this debate needs to end because it's practically immature and ridiculously stupid...

  • No, men have less nerve endings.

    Women experience pain at a higher level then men since their bodies are made to be more sensitive to it. Men who build a tolerance to getting hit in he testicles are like supermen! A good blow to the testicles can send such a high pain wave that it can kill a man, labor doesn't even come close to that level of pain. From my experience as a fighter women in boxing and martial arts have a very hard time dealing with pain. Even though I take it very easy on them, they often can't handle the pain.

  • Do women really have a higher pain tolerance than men?

    I, myself, do not believe so, because if a woman and a man of the same caliber physical strength, the man would probably win. Who knows, maybe it's that men learn to do things to get over the pain or to deflect the pain easier and/or quicker. Women get cramps and most the women i know cant stand it, they're about to tap out from the wrestle match with it, but when i get repeating charlie-horses, i just it off instead of complain. I know you cant walk that off, but it says sex can up your pain limits women! (;

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Manon says2013-11-02T15:25:30.997
Women say 'yes', men say 'no'. So this debate is kind of useless don't you think...