Do women have all of the problems? If not name problems men have and women don't

Asked by: applestoapples
  • There are no problems that a man has and a woman hasn't

    1. Being physically disadvantaged
    2. Bleeding the heck out every month
    3. Always having to prove yourself to men
    4. Not allowed to have body hair
    5. Being raped
    6. Being cat called
    7. Having a lower status than man
    8. Always being discouraged because of you sex
    9. Giving birth

  • Men's only problems are ones that are forced on them by themselves or society, not because they are men specifically

    I've looked at a few of these problems that men have, and quite honestly they all scream "ugh society has all of the pressures being pinned on me". The few who do such fail to understand that society does so to everyone, whether you are man, woman, white or black. You can't cry in public? Boo hoo, some woman can't show their skin and faces because it's considered vulgar.

    That's all society and culture buissness issues though. Let's get the the root of this basic concept - man and woman. Tits vs dck.
    How can men even compare an awkward boner to an awkward period spillage. It's your fault for thinking indecently, for woman it happens every month whether they like it or not.

    Dick hurts when you get punched? Guess you've never been hit in the titties before. When men hit puberty, their body prepares and makes it easier for muscle growth whereas a woman's will make it easier for fat to be added as padding for the stomach for future pregnancies.

    I could go on but I'm not bothered

  • Well, lets see.

    So this asking if women have all the problems. Then it wants a list of what problems mens have that women don't.

    Well i know for a fact that both gender have their flaws. Men kill women kill, men lie so do women.
    Men cheat so do women, men steal so do women. Everything a men can do in terms of physical activities, a women may not be able to do them all. But those things are not problems , they are just abilities that come with being human.

    Second to be more specific. Men do have this one thing, perhaps it can be consider as a problem in some culture, and maybe not in other. A young men can not rely on marrying a female that he has this hope she will take care of him and his family. No it is the man who is to take in a wife and provide for them, that is the statue quo in society.
    Because of this most men who find it difficult to provide for there family lose courage and hope, he view himself worthless, or not be able to man up.

    Second society is prejudice against men. How, if a female is caught stealing a bike, people will think she lost her key, and will help her, as this is an actual experiment done. Famel have this privilege of the notion of innocent, helpless. And some use that to their advantage. If a guy is caught stealing that bike, he will be stop immediately before even attempting to do so.

    Third, the fight for equality. Female want equality with men, but they don't really want it. They only fight for equality in field that will greatly benefit them. For example, they want to same job as men, same pay as men. But when it comes to other field, like violence behavior. Competitions, they want to have their own safe bubble. A male can not or is not supposed to hit a female, however it is not the same for female.

    Female and male cannot compete in the same sport for the same awards, they need their own category and awards. For example at the olympic, men and women have separate qualification time and requirements.

    Fourth. Women complain about their role as a women. One of the major complains is childbirth. Yes females have the ability to get pregnant as men do not have this ability, i'm listing this here because, it's not a problem, however i have come across this in other competitive argument between men and women. Some think female have an extra edge because of this. No that is not the case. That is an ability that the female have of their own, and should be consider as part of being a female.

    This question is stated in a way that one must be as bias as they can towards the other gender. That is what i have done.

  • A women living her dreams is the women not fit for family.

    Even after the decades of modernization most of the men except very few believe in their superiority over women. The atrocities against women starts at mothers womb. In poorly developed rural regions of my country female feticide is common. If your gender decides your dreams, job and your very existence in the nature will u still boast around men have more problems than women?

  • Men have hardly any

    Women struggle so much more then men because they have a continuos list of hard problems to deal with. Women have much harder lives then man by a mile. There are 1st worlds problems Men deal with that women struggle with so much. That is my statement. Thank you very much.

  • Women do have the most problems

    While its true that for men and for women pregnancy is a scare, it is more for women than it is for men. First of all, women are the ones actually giving birth, and deciding their future if they get pregnant by accident. Men don't have to worry about that at all, they can have all the s*x they want and not even give a sh*t afterwards. It's true that it's scary for guys too, because what if they go to jail, but that is nothing compared that women have to make the huge decision of either having an abortion, having the baby and putting him/her up for adoption, or keeping the baby. All the choices aren't very good ones if the pregnancy is accidental. For starters, an abortion is a very traumatizing experience for a women. After an abortion, a women might lose her ability to give birth, which is horrible if you accidentally get pregnant at a young age and are still planning your future. Also, abortions are dangerous, and there is a chance of death for abortions, which is a risk that women might have to take, but men never do. Pregnancy is only one of the reasons and I could go on for days about how women face more problems then men but I would run out of space quickly before I even finish talking about the first problem.

  • Everyone has problems.

    Unsheltered Homeless (2009)
    Women – 12,000 – 4%
    Men – 240,000 – 96%
    Life Expectancy (2006)
    Women – 80.8 Years
    Men – 75.7 Years
    Suicides (2008)
    Women – 7,585 - 19%
    Men – 28,450 - 81%
    Deaths by Homicide (2004)
    Women – 3,856 – 20%
    Men – 14,717 – 80%
    Deaths from Cancer (2004)
    Women – 269,819
    Men – 290,069
    Deaths from HIV/AIDS (2004)
    Women – 3,357
    Men – 8,756
    Federal Funds for Sex Specific Cancer Research
    Women – Breast Cancer – $631,000,000 - 40,000 Deaths
    Men – Prostate Cancer – $300,000,000 - 33,000 Deaths
    Deaths on the Job (2010)
    Women – 355 - 7%
    Men – 4,192 - 93%
    Injuries on the Job (2007)
    Women – 36%
    Men – 64%
    College Enrollment (2009)
    Women – 58% - 11,658,000
    Men – 42% - 8,770,000
    Affirmative Action Education Programs (Gender Specific)
    Women – Yes
    Men – No
    Unemployment Rates (2010)
    Women – 8.6% – 6,199,000
    Men – 10.5% - 8,626,000
    Average Hours Worked Per Week (2010)
    Women – 36.1
    Men – 40.2
    High School Graduation Rates (2005)
    Women – 72%
    Men – 65%
    Incarceration Rates (2009)
    Women – 114,979 - 7%
    Men – 1,502,49 - 93%
    Child Custody Rates
    Women – 11,268,000 custodial mothers
    Men – 2,907,000 custodial fathers
    US Military Deaths From 1950 – 2010
    Women – 139 - 0.001%
    Men – 100,063 - 99.99%
    Federally Funded Battered Shelters
    Women – 2,000+ $300,000,000 per year
    Men – None – $0
    Federally Funded Health Offices and Research 1970 – Present (not including cancer research)
    Women Only – Office, Projects and Programs 70+ – Funds – $100,000,000,000
    Men Only – None – $0
    Forced Selective Service
    Women – No
    Men – Yes
    Drug and Alcohol Addiction and Abuse Rates (2010)
    Women – 5.8%
    Men – 12.2%

  • Applestoapples hasn't had a date in 10 years...

    There are problems that men have that women don't.
    1. Working on reputation with her parents
    2. Men and boys get raped more than women
    3. Buying flowers
    4. Asking her out for everything can be stressful
    5. Men aren't allowed to cry, to let it all out
    6. If a man proposes and she says no, that's what she wants, but she proposes and he says no, he's an asshole.
    7. The constant need of providing for everyone
    8. Having your penile length to prove adequate is very stressful
    9. You get hit in the balls more than you give birth

  • Men have hardly any

    Women struggle so much more then men because they have a continuos list of hard problems to deal with. Women have much harder lives then man by a mile. There are 1st worlds problems Men deal with that women struggle with so much. That is my statement. Thank you very much.

  • Problems men have that women don't - hmmmmm

    Zipping up your thingy. Men with tattoos are seen as criminals while women with tattoos are seen as sexy / edgy. A lot more men than women go bald. Moobs look terrible. Men we are chatting with don't realize how much we really do not want to see a picture of their p**is. They send them anyways... Men don't realize that we get cat called every 30 seconds or so walking down a street - they don't realize how much we really do not want to hear how beautiful we are or how nice our a** is. Men have some creepy fetish with this baby photo:

  • We all have problems

    While I can agree that women appear to have more physical and societal problems than men, men also face a different set of problems/challenges. One example I have seen mentioned of a woman is child birth, while this is definately a difficulty, men will never get to know the miracle that is childbirth as intimately as a woman who literally grows a new being inside of her - I think this is pretty amazing.

  • Women Education Entitlement

    This only goes for the US, and civilized states. Uncivilized states that keep women ignorant, and unable to vote are just that, Uncivilized.

    In the US Feminists are pampered. They get to wine about how oppressed they are in education, and demand special treatment to get into college.

    Men on the other hand have always gotten lower grades going back to the 60's. Men also have a higher HS drop out rate.

    When we start to count college men, and women had been equal. A man with an associates degree with as likely to get a bachelors degree as a women. Then in 1996 the drop out rate separated and women became much more likely to get a bachelors degree than men.

    Rather than attempt to address it Feminists simply demonized men, and ensure nothing can be done about it. They've shuffled any meaningful discussion to outlets like Fox News that they then use an ad hom argument to ensure public opinion stays on the 'Women are suffering in education' which is not even close to the truth.

    When you look at census data it's not hard to see why men have a higher drop out rate than women ether. Since I have a hard time believing Feminists haven't looked at the wage data I can only conclude they are deliberately sacrificing male achievement to further themselves. Because the part time wage for men between the ages of 18-34 with an associates degree are substantively less than the wages for women in the same group which happens to be the College poor who have to work part time so they don't starve. Dataferrett.Census.Gov

  • Men have this every morning:

    Wood. And not just every morning, during puberty it just happens randomly.

    Now to fill the rest of the words.


  • Every one has problems not only women's

    Every living being suffers with a problem .Even a small insect suffers with a problem. All has their own problems ,not only women's ,men also suffers problems whether it is a related to health or mental ability .God creates problems to living beings and god never shows partiality in-between men and women.

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Vox_Veritas says2015-08-12T14:43:27.753
Some of these answers are kind of odd...
Vox_Veritas says2015-08-12T15:00:08.607
I'll list a few things:
1. As strange as this may sound, there are more men who want to be women than women who want to be men.
2. Physical strength is worthless in the 21st century, or at least it will be within 100 years or less.
3. Women have a much greater choice in what society accepts them doing with their lives. Nobody has a problem with a woman who holds a job her whole life and never becomes a mother. A stay at home dad is pretty much considered a wimp.
4. People often remind men of their alleged privilege, which makes them feel bad and is in itself an anti-privilege.
5. Even historically, whenever men dominated the household they had absolutely s**tty jobs.
6. Women have a much larger variety of fashion options.
7. Men have a higher suicide rate.
8. If a war breaks out you won't see women being drafted. Considering as how people actually die in war, I think that alone should end the myth of male privilege.
9. Women feeling that the sphere which they have traditionally dominated (domestic) should be off-limits to men are considered normal, whereas men who think that men should dominate the sphere they've traditionally dominated (the workplace) are considered sexist pigs.
10. "Female empowerment" is talked about by everyone, whereas MRAs are confined to the internet and considered sexist.
11. More money is spent on combating women's health problems than men's health problems, despite the fact that women live several years longer.
12. Women typically have higher grades in school, but people still talk about more money for women's education because evil patriarchy.
13. Men are expected to open doors even for women they don't know. Women aren't expected to do this. And whenever men fulfil this obligation, some feminist @$$hole will call them sexist pigs for doing so.
14. Any woman can accuse a man of rape and ruin his life. If both a man and a woman have sex while drunk, only the woman can claim rape because she was drunk at the time and thus couldn't consent. Supposedly a man can't be raped because men like sex.

Today's society is absolutely pro-women and somewhat anti-male. In this day and age women have almost nothing to complain about. Not in the West, anyway. In Saudi Arabia, sure.