• Women are treated the same in the western world.

    Thankfully in this day and age most people have accepted that women and men are created equal. I believe that if a women works as hard as she can vs a lazy man then she should be getting paid more than a lazy man who doesn’t do his job. On the positive side at least most women are treated with respect, And that if they try hard and have a goal or dream, And they want to achieve it, Then they should not let anything get in their way and achieve their dreams, And luckily most wonen achieve their dreams with support from males and other females.

  • There's no evidence that in modern times a woman has any less rights than a man in the western world.

    The wage gap has been debunked, Women are catered to and the radical feminist movement tends to infantilize itself in attempts to portray women as oppressed. There was a time when women had less rights than men, Though that time has long passed. Anyone who believes women are oppressed in western society, Especially the US, Is embarrassing to us all.

  • Women Have Equal Rights by Law

    Women and Men are not equal. We are born with very different drives and desires and tendencies.

    So based on that alone, We have to assume that men and women are not equal.

    For example, Men tend to be more driven to earn money. That means they will spend more time/effort growing their career, Thus earning more money than women on average.

    And I ask you, Was there any discrimination against women in this situation? They are earning less on average, Yes, But there was no legal discrimination against them.

    It's simply the result of innate biological differences between men and women.

    So yes, There are different outcomes for men and women (because men and women tend to make different life choices), But under the law, I fail to find any laws in favor of men over women. Women have equal legal right to every right a man has.

    If you are a women, Please tell me what legal rights you are not free to have that men are.

    If you are a man, Please tell me what legal rights you have that women don't have.

  • Women have the same rights as men in the western world.

    Women in the Western world have all rights that men have. There is not one right that is favoured towards men. Societies’ treatment of women may be poor in some aspects, However, This does not take away from the fact that they have equal rights in the western world. Privileged woman of the Western World think they have it tough, While Middle Eastern women are being treated like shit. These women have little to no rights, And privileged women of the Western world complain about the pettiest things. Women need to realise that just because they have a vagina, Doesn’t mean they will be automatically mistreated. It is on a personal level. If a man is a bad worker, He will not be paid well. This is common logic and any woman or man saying otherwise is not educated in general knowledge.

  • Incorrect they do not have rights

    No women have rights in the domain of my kingdom, DEUS VULT ect ect. The whites are privalleged and baclsk should behond you are dum the person who says that women have rights, Clearly you are a woman and you do not have a right to say that. You aep goon

  • Its the patriarchy

    I am a feminist
    You might not think we have
    very much in common
    But we share essentially
    the same ideology
    and Muslims are oppressed
    just like every woman
    I say “haram”
    I say “problematic”
    you say everything’s triggering
    and you say everything’s unquaranic
    cos you are an Islamist
    and you are a feminist
    we have so very much in common
    I say “Islamophobia”
    I say “misogyny”
    I blame the Jewish media
    and I blame the patriarchy
    cos I am a feminist
    and I am an Islamist
    a whiny pair of little spastics
    You know, What means me feel like really marginalized? Is when ignorant people remain me that the prophet, Allahu alaihi wa-sallam had sex with a little 9-year old girl. Muhammad had sex with a child? Oh, That’s awesome. That means that every white sister heteronormative pedophile here in the West is guilty and cultural appropriation. And that’s the real societal problem.
    Oh yeah.
    See, It’s easy when you look at the world through problematic glasses.
    Oh, Who would have thought that you and me would get along so well.
    I say “social justice”
    I say “jihad”
    I say “Slutwalk”
    I say “Whore, Where is your hijab? ”
    cos I am an Islamist
    and I am a feminist
    We have so very much in common
    So do you mind if I rape you know?
    Oh, Don’t be silly. It’s not rape when I’m Muslim does it?
    That is a good one.

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