Do women have it easier than men in The United States?

Asked by: ryangisslow
  • They have the choice to not work (even if they are poor)

    All they have to do is look good. Thats all it takes in order for them to survive. Not that i think that it is purely bad, but most women act like they are entitled to men's pay checks just, coz they look good. They should ask nicely, and not be entitled.

  • As a woman, I know they do not.

    I am a woman, and don't think we have it easier. I am not taken seriously by many on certain issues, while my male friends are. I feel scared any time walking alone, as I know what horrible things men can do to a woman. I know women have hurt men to, but it isn't as big of an issue. The Wage Gap is real, and I know many who have experienced it first hand. Women are seen as inferior and I am afraid we will for a long time, no matter what anyone tries to do.

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