• Medically Challenged Babies

    There are quite a few babies who are born medically challenged, And won't last more than two weeks tops. Why? Because of Abortion made illegal. My mom is a doctor, And I am fairly well educated in this field. She has seen a teenage couple forced to care for their child when the mother couldnt get an abortion. Why were they forced, You ask? This child would survive no longer than a week. It was one of the unlucky children to be born as only one living brain stem. That's it. It couldnt breathe, Think, Move, Eat, Or even do anything on its own. IT couldnt speak or cry or babble as mother love hearing their babies when they were both. This is why women have the right to abort. If the baby won't survive, They have to. It saves them the pain of trying to save something unsalvageable. If the child is about to be born, Then I would say that if you wated this long, You shouldnt be allowed to. But a month into pregnancy is fine. If you are against killing off a "human being", Put the starving children and refugees across the world before these unborn babies next time you think about this.

  • They do. It's part of their rights.

    Pregnancy is a natural process that the woman should have complete control over and the ability to terminate if they wish to. 'Pro-lifers' condemn these women and babies to a life of suffering, Authoritatively restricting their ability to do as they wish with their own bodies with the claim that they know the wishes of the baby better than the host of said baby themselves. They have no scientific evidence from which to base their points and cite religion and morals but it is all very unresearched and frankly a case of guilt-tripping people into doing very serious.

  • Let me get this straight.

    I'm going to do a comparison that many people would jibe and yell at. A baby, Or fetus, To a tapeworm.
    Lets check the similarities, A tapeworm AND baby:
    1. Takes nutrients.
    2. Cause pain, And sometimes nausea.
    3. They inhabit the abdominal area.
    4. They can both be unintentional, Or forced.
    5. They both can kill.

    However, A baby:
    1. Isn't sentient until the third trimester, And therefore considered to be little more than say, A cat, Or a cow. Or a tapeworm.
    2. Is something that can be illegal to remove.
    3. Actually has worse affects than a tapeworm.
    4. Completely ruin mothers lives.

    And a tapeworm?
    1. Considered a parasite.
    2. Can be legally removed.

    So, If the baby is another body, And not your choice, And you can't influence a choice, Then you can't kill a tapeworm? Or a leech? Also, If they child being "not the parents choice", Then why do parents exist? If not to make decisions for their child? I honestly just don't understand you "pro-lifers" point.
    Oh, And the name. Why is it pro-lifers when you are actively ruining the lives of mothers and their children, And even more, The children who now have a less chance of being adopted!
    In fact, This can contribute to everything. Overpopulation, Hell, It could eventually be illegal to HAVE a child, If overpopulation becomes critical.
    So, Hope you see my point.

  • It is a bodily right

    When a woman becomes pregnant, There is not suddenly another life in her. There is a potential life, But not another life. The fetus can not independently sustain itself and if the woman died for some reason, The fetus would die with it. This is why there is only one life. It is part of a woman and just as a male might have complete control over their body, A woman should as well. At least until the fetus can be independently sustained and most certainly in cases of rape or sexual assault because they should not be forced to carry their rapist's baby for the rest of their life.

  • Trespassers will be shot

    A fetus is a parasite that takes hold of its host and saps it of resources. It is a parasitic relationship, That should only be allowed to continue if the mother is willing to sacrifice her well being for it. A fetus is not entitled to using a woman's body for nutrition while living inside of it. It is up to the mother to decide, For the same reason that a home owner can decide if someone can break into their house and eat their food.

  • It’s their body

    The circumstances have to be taken into account for example a woman was raped. She may not want to keep the baby as she may not have been ready and she may have no means of caring for the child. Whether she aborts a baby or not she should be given a choice as to what she wants to put herself through or what she wants to put her child into. If she decides that she does not want to keep the baby because it might put her life way off track, She can choose to abort. There is also the concept of teen pregnancy and unplanned pregnancies or having an abusive relationship you don’t want to put the child into that environment and the whole span of being pregnant could be harmful for her as well. For example being bullied at school, Having to drop out, Not being educated, Being beaten or excluded from your family, Falling sick and not having proper healthcare. She should be given the choice as it is her body and what she does to it should be her choice.

  • Yes They Should

    Every one on the opposition is fucking brain dead and far right thats all I have to say. I am a guy and I 100% support it nobody should be FORCED to carry a pregnancy and a human does not have human rights until BIRTH. See what happens when your sister gets pregnant with your kid and she can't get an abortion. .

  • Yes of course.

    It's no different to removing any other sort of unwanted cellular growth.
    Obviously the ethical considerations intensify the older the foetus is, So realistic parameters should be legislatively applied. Most women are aware of their pregnancy shortly after conception, So a 10 to 12 week limit would seem appropriate, Relative to foetal development.
    The pro-life camp is rife with hypocrisy and double standards and self righteousness never usually stands up to real scrutiny. I haven't debated a pro-lifer yet who isn't highly selective regarding which life they deem to be worthy of their moral consideration.

  • Abortion Isn't Murder

    Do all the cousin fucking right wing nuts who believe that abortion=murder, Wake the fuck up. Fuck the heart beat, Fuck white men who want to tell women what to do with their bodies. Look at yourself - are you a woman with a fetus in you? Then this doesn't concern you.

  • It's giving women a choice over what they are doing with their bodies.

    No one can ever really condemn abortion unless they have been put into that position or unless they have had one themselves, If you don't agree because of those reasons that's fine. Women should have a right over what they can and can't do with their bodies. If you aren't in the right state mentally, Physically, Economically, Etc you aren't in the right place to have a baby, So pretty much it is better to abort rather than bring the child up in a negative environment where there more at risk at getting sick, Bad mental health, Lack of education, Etc. And for people just saying don't have sex, Things happen, Like things happen lets be honest, You will never be able to expect someone not having sex by just telling them. We need sex education. THE SAME PEOPLE ASKING FOR WOMEN NOT HAVING ABORTIONS IS THE SAME PEOPLE WHO ARE STRICTLY AGAINST SEX EDUCATION.

  • Because it's totally wrong

    Females shouldn’t have abortions because women who have had abortions are at a higher risk of developing some cancer types, Killing a developing human inside of the female, It is a higher risk of mental health problems compared to women who have given birth, Also is is a 50 percent chance that abortions may cause death.

  • There are no specific cases were this should be considered right. This is murder, Plain and simple.

    It is said that it should be okay if it is in the case of rape, Or abortion, Or that a baby is technically part of the mother. However, A babies blood type and DNA differs from that of the mother's, So how is that a valid argument? Also, For the rape/incest argument, There is always adoption. Yes, The foster care system isn't great, And people can abuse their adopted kids, But we can, And we have, Risen above that. How is murder justifiable if POTENTIALLY, The baby could be hurt? Or because it would be detrimental to the mothers mental health to carry a rape baby inside of her? How is abortion different from selective breeding in that case? And how is selective breeding different from genocide, Or the wiping out of desirables? Let's say a baby has some kind of physical or mental challenge. Killing the baby because of that is reminiscent of this. And all in all, It's just saddening, To imagine the POTENTIAL(a word used a lot in this kind of debate) of the baby being destroyed. Let's get elementary here; who knows who that baby could've become. Sure, The baby could've been the next Ed Gein or something, But that baby could've also done something great for the world. Abortion is the death of not only a baby, But what could've been.

  • Abortion is Murder.

    Ok, Nobody would agree that aborting a fetus one day before delivery is okay; it is a living human being. Then, At what point along the development process would it be considered a life? If you keep going with this, The only logical answer would be at conception, Since before that, There would only be two different gametes. That's why it is wrong.

  • Why would they?

    The only reasons why women would feel like they would have the right are because they don't believe that the fetus is alive, Or because they accidentally got pregnant. I believe that women need to know that the fetus is alive and they should own up and take care of the baby.

  • Is murder right?

    No, We should not have the right to abort a fetus, That is murder. Before you say that a fetus is not alive, Yes it is, Get a life get out of your bubble of ignorance. I will always see arguments saying "what if the family can't support the child" or "what if the child is born with a medical defect" or some difficulty that the child may have, But is death better than living a slightly worse life than the rest of us? No, I don't have any birth defects nor was i born in a family in poverty but, I have friends that have birth defects and some that are in poverty but not only do they enjoy life, They enjoy it more than me. If you think letting your child should be killed rather than live a hard life, I can assure you that you have never worked hard towards something, If you believe that if you murder your child because they won't have a fair life due to their birth, Let me fill you in on how their life will most likely turn out. They will work harder, Due to their hardships in life and will be more successful than those who's parents gave them a perfect childhood, But if you believe in your child, And don't hand them everything in life, They will most likely be successful. This is more common in households on the lower end of the income spectrum, Parents can't afford to give their kids everything so kids will try to work hard towards it, This teaches kids how to pursue and make sure that if they fail, That there is always a different way. Like I said, I wasn't born into poverty, But when my dad died, My mom, (who makes $28000 a year) couldn't afford the lifestyle i had before my dad died (he earned $200000 a year). So after that I learned hard work and at the age of 13 got a job that taught me many skills like first aid (the job is woodworking at a local company), Woodworking and home repairs. If you choose to not abort your child due to them having a hard life, You are an idiot, Life is precious, No matter what hardships you or the child might face, Keep the child and trust me, You would be surprised how they could benefit.

    Oh BTW the overpopulation thing is bull s*** if we lived as compact as Manhattan, Every human could live in Texas, I've been to Manhattan and it's really not that dense, I believe humans could easily live in Texas if over population is a problem. I you believe in abortion is good in any other situation other than the mothers health, You are lazy, You just don't want to start a new life and are a selfish hypocrite who doesn't understand the needs for others. If you don't want a child, Don't take part in acts that could make one.

  • Abortion Isn't A Right

    No woman has the right to abort a fetus. There is no right explicitly given in the Constitution of the United States of America that protects the "right" for women to abort unborn babies. Thus, It is for the States to decide for themselves, Individually and separately, Whether or not abortion will be legal, Allowed, Or not mentioned in the law books whatsoever.

    However, I will allow women to abort their unborn babies if it is legal under State law. Though women do not have a "right" to abort their children, It is the States or the People who will decide as per the Tenth Amendment of the United States Constitution.

    I believe that I have no say in the decision of a woman to abort her baby, But, Of course, This leads to a rather slippery slope. If women are allowed to abort unborn babies, Than why not born children as well? If the opposition uses the excuse, "Women have the right not to be hindered by pregnancy and newly born babies, " than wouldn't it be the same for women to kill their current children, Too? After all, Perhaps the current children are a hindrance to the woman's prosperity; wouldn't the ultimate conclusion to "get rid" of the problem?

    Women do not have a right to abort their unborn babies nor do they have a right to abortion itself. It is up to the States to decide what to do about abortion. I personally find the procedure disgusting and horrendous, But I can't interfere with State laws.

  • Its not right.

    To abort a fetus can cause death or other injuries and it is completely wrong and though their are cases where it may be ok to do this such as harassment among other things. There is no excuse to Abortion it is 3rd degree murder and you can disagree for all I care and say I am dumb but that will not change anything about the actual vote.

  • Abortion is murder no matter what anyone says.

    Abortion is murder and no one has the right to murder. Scientist proved that you can hear a fetus heartbeat after 5 weeks. So basically all you're doing is killing an unborn child when they have done nothing wrong. They never would get the chance to experience anything in the world never get the chance to grow into what they want to be. If you really don't want the baby let another family who can't have children adopt the child and let them all live happily.

  • It isn't Moral at All

    First off, Let's establish that this poll really means a fetus or child in the womb. That's the debate nationwide. Now to the meat of the post. . .

    While in some cases it may be needed in order to save the mother, The percentage of abortions performed due to rape or health only reaches about 2% of abortions nationwide. In most cases, It is due to the mother having had unprotected sex and not wanting motherhood. This is where the "it's my body" argument comes into play. The things is it's not. By the time most testing can reveal a pregnancy the baby is already exhibiting signs of life, Such as a heartbeat. It is now the child's body. To kill anything that is living with previous thought is murder. This is especially true in the case of late-term abortions, Which in most states where it is active allow an abortion up until the moment of birth. That's right, You can kill a fully developed infant in New York. . . So no, In 98% of cases you can not abort a child.

  • Abortion is 3rd Degree Murder

    Abortion is murder, And no one has the right to murder. We only have the right to kill someone if it is mortal defense of our lifw. Babies cannot attack our life, And if they jeopardize you have lived longer than them.
    What about rape/incest? Just because your raped does not give you the right to murder. Two wrongs don’t make a right->ever

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