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My Body. My Choice.

  I never want to have an abortion. I personally don't think that I could possibly have one, but that's not the point. The point isn't whether or not it's right or wrong, whether or not it's against the bible (dude that argument doesn't work on other religions or those without religious affiliation. I don't want an abortion, therefore I won't get one. It's that simple. If you don't like it, don't do it. Women have the right to choose. The important part is that they have that right and that right is protected. Don't like guns? Don't buy one. Don't like gays? Don't be one. Don't like sex? Don't have it. Don't like abortion? Don't get one. Do not try and restrict other people's rights. It's wrong.
forlifeforloveforejesus says2014-05-02T05:16:38.800
If this is what you believe than you should agree with these statements as well.
Don't like rape? Don't rape someone.
Don't like child abuse? Don't beat your children.
Don't like slavery? Don't own a slave.
I am against abortion because it is murdering an innocent life! We must stand up for and protect the innocent, persecuted, abused, neglected and forsaken people in our country. The most lethal environment for a human is in the womb. 4 out of 10 unintended pregnancies end in abortion and 21% of all pregnancies are terminated because of abortion. It's not a religious or political issues...It's a human rights issue. You say women have rights but what about the 28 million female unborn babies that have been murdered since 1973 in America alone? What were their rights? They are human are they not? People used to have the legal right to own slaves...Does that mean what they were doing was morally right? Legality does not equal morality.
red0111 says2015-01-16T01:04:11.127
Your LIFE? Last time i checked you didnt have 2 head 4 arms and 4 legs or 1 heart you heartless murderers! This is not right! A baby eagle death is a 300k$ fine and its illegal... Yet its legal to murder babies of our own flesh and blood! There are barren mothers who would kill you just for thinking about abortion!
izmonster says2015-12-24T19:18:34.190
Let's not even consider the fact that around 40-60% of pregnancies naturally terminate themselves in what is known as spontaneous abortion. Most of them before a woman is even aware she is pregnant. Let's also ignore the fact that the chances of dying from an abortion are less than the chances of carrying a pregnancy to term. 1 in every 10,000 women dies from giving birth while 1 in every 100,000 women dies from an abortion. If you think the abortion statistic is unacceptable then you better throw a fit over penicillin too because it has the same chances of killing as an abortion does.
SegBeg says2016-08-24T09:22:21.207
Don't want to get pregnant- Don't have sex!
stemaclean says2017-05-12T12:43:44.903
Izmonster - Miscarriages are not abortion. They are inadmissable given that they are not intentional. You cannot think your body out of a miscarriage, nor can you predict a miscarriage.

As well, it is a bit odd to say 'the risks of death in abortion are less than the risks of death in pregnancy'. Both risks are still astronomically low in comparison to any other cause of death. It also ignores the fact that the debate hinges on whether or not the baby lives. It is a discussion about the rights of a baby/fetus/embryo, balanced against the risks to the mother.

If you are arguing this way, but the counter argument is about when life begins, then you are arguing against an argument that isn't being articulated. If you want to convince someone of something, you have to argue down their points. The other side is having the same issue, because they are concentrating on the rights of the child as opposed to the rights of the mother.
jleif9731 says2018-04-24T04:22:43.127
It might be your body, but the fact are facts. That is a life that you are taking. What if your mom had aborted you??? You wouldn't be here, and there would be no abortion for you to get. You wouldn't have wanted your mom to abort you, so why do it to someone else? It eats, sleeps, breathes, and has a heartbeat just like everyone else.
TheLeader says2020-08-19T17:11:14.457
It is true that if you are not hurting anyone else you have the freedom to do whatever you want, But if you are injuring another human you give up your right to freedom. Your argument for abortion could be used to justify killing anyone at any time because any bystander could just choose to not murder anyone and stay out of the murder's business. Preventing abortion is not restricting your rights it is affirming the rights of your child, To quote the declaration of independence - "certain unalienable Rights, That among these are LIFE, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. "
BirdieQ says2020-11-09T05:17:21.877
The problem I see with these pro life comments is its assuming a fetus' life is worth protecting as much as a born babies'. I used to think this too, After all they start to look like babies and move, Etc.

But I think what really matters isn't what they look like or what they can become, But what they ARE. A woman's egg cell during sex before conception will also most likely develop into a person if the woman is trying to get pregnant. But we don't treat that egg cell like a baby, Its ok to flush it down the toilet. So when do we start to value the life of developing clumps of cells?

Before a certain stage of development a fetus can't even feel pain and isn't conscience. So why is that worth protecting? Its living, But so are the millions of cells in our body, Thousands of which die each day.

We can see fetuses have the capability to start feeling pain at about 24 weeks, So I think abortion is only wrong after that. That leaves time for a woman to get an abortion too. My question to pro lifers is: what about an early stage fetus makes you think its life is more important than a woman's ability to choose? Just because some call it a baby and look forward to having a child doesn't mean the fetus has personhood.
brolum says2021-10-11T20:30:22.637

If you really care about standing up for the abused, Then lets talk about when a woman is raped. By your logic, They would not have a choice to abort even if they didn't choose to get pregnant. If anything, I see your proposal contradicting your own ideals. I do not see how this is standing up for abused ppl, If anything, It's taking more freedoms away from them.
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