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Women are infringing on what rights a fetus should have.

   Currently, a fetus has absolutely no rights until the mother enters the second trimester. This means that at 89 days old, a fetus the size of an apple, with a functioning brain, large enough to move around, large enough for the mother to feel their child, may be "terminated". My stance has absolutely nothing to do with religion, I do not believe in god, however, I do have a strong enough moral sense of what is right and wrong to know that being aloud to kill a human, (homo-sapien) that is 89 days old is wrong, simply because of negligence, which is what it would be that far along, is ridiculous. And you people say I can't even smoke a joint once in a while... Come on.
tmar19652 says2013-04-18T23:58:49.113
Actually, if the fetus is an unwanted guest in the womb, it is justified to use force to remove the fetus (abortion) because it is trespassing.
krantz says2013-04-19T02:23:20.007
Maybe she should have shut the gate if she didn't want kids in the yard.
krantz says2013-04-19T02:24:02.967
Or at least kick them out within the first couple days.
tmar19652 says2013-04-19T22:46:44.220
So if someone is living in an apartment and they suddenly stop paying after 7 months, you should not be able to forcibly kick them out?
krantz says2013-04-20T01:08:19.643
I don't think the land lord should have let them in in the first place if they knew they were not going to be paying rent.. We are talking about abortion right? Are you trying to say that fetuses should be paying some sort of fee??
tmar19652 says2013-04-20T08:38:26.763
I'm saying that if the fetus stops being a wanted guest, that a woman should be able to evict it.
lanonymousl says2016-08-24T07:40:42.163
"aloud" means "out loud"
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