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It's our bodies

  It's not your body. Why can't I have a say in whether or not my body is changed drastically? It is my body! NOT YOURS. Why would you care? If I'm going to hell for having an abortion, I'll meet you there for judging and prosecuting me. It's my body. Not yours.
red0111 says2015-01-16T01:05:47.790
WHAT ABOUT THE HUMAN IN YOUR BODY Last time i checked you didnt have 2 head 4 arms and 4 legs or 1 heart you heartless murderers! This is not right! A baby eagle death is a 300k$ fine and its illegal... Yet its legal to murder babies of our own flesh and blood! There are barren mothers who would kill you just for thinking about abortion!
briandtyler says2015-02-08T15:42:02.883
I bet you have no problem whatsoever with hunting. How about cracking eggs for breakfast? Can you even use common sense enough to realize that what you're expelling from your useless mouth is complete garbage? At the point of abortion I'm preeeeeety sure that (WOW REALLY NO WAY) it DID NOT have arms and legs or a heart. What about an acorn? DON'T KILL THAT BABY TREE SAVE THAT BABY TREE! Please do us all a favor and just stop. You sound utterly ridiculous.
SegBeg says2016-08-24T09:23:22.470
It's NOT your body, It's your baby's body. THEIR body is the one being terminated- not yours.
Julius94 says2020-01-28T08:40:20.280
Ummm responding to the second comment first and foremost you do know that when woman have an abortion the baby is not fully developed so we can't really assume that in there inside is a living thing because I don't believe there conscious yet not like a toddler no
toyotavan says2020-05-18T15:59:08.227
You legitimately kill a human being. It's not your body. It's your baby's. You should feel the regret for killing a baby that never got to go to school, Never got to make friends, Never got to get married, Never got to have his or her own kids, Never got a chance. "what if the kid would have a bad life, I would have saved them! ", How I would respond: what if they had a great life. . . One that was stolen from them.
They could have been the next president or someone who saved lives. Lives which apparently you don't care about.
Murder of course is your choice, But there should be punishments for it.
TheLeader says2020-08-19T17:13:54.373
Imagine that I am a serial killer, I attempt to kill a person in front of you, You would tell me to stop, My response would be "it is not your body, Why do you care? " The logic of "my body, My choice" is faulty, Because it could be used to justify any crime that does not directly affect you.
BirdieQ says2020-11-09T05:24:47.160
A fetus before a certain stage can't feel, Can't think, And isn't conscience. How would terminating such a fetus be murder? Its not a person yet, Its developing into one. Just because you call it a baby doesn't make it one. Its living but so are the billions of cells in our bodies, Thousands of which die each day. Whether something is living or looks kinda like a baby doesn't define personhood. What matters is if it can feel or be conscience.
brolum says2021-10-11T20:34:02.223

In your analogy, It is not your body either. So you cannot equate your example with this. Unless again you are arguing that the baby inside the mother's body counts as a separate body, Then why don't we also talk about how hunting animals should also be wrong and considered murdering?
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