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Pregnant people are people too...

   Anti-choicers, in their rabid chanting of 'murderer', 'the fetus is a person too', 'but it has a heartbeat and a brain and limbs', and 'but it's a child and a life', seem to forget that the person carrying said fetus also has a heartbeat, is also a person, and is not a breeding cow like Anti-choicers like to think. People who have ended up pregnant and don't want the baby should have a right to a choice, whether to carry a baby to term, whether to put it up for adoption when it is born, or whether to abort it. They should not be shamed, threatened, and punished. Why do people fight tooth and nail for a cluster of cells that are part of someone else's body at the time and forget that a person carrying said cluster is also a person?
ian_michael21 says2014-02-08T22:55:12.997
Cluster of cells? Are you KIDDING me? Seriously, you're joking, right? You don't need a degree in Biology to know that a "cluster of cells" is what ALL living things are made of. By that definition, I am a cluster of cells, and that means so are YOU. Does that mean if you were killed, it wouldn't count as murder? Would it be justifiable if the murderer was "inconvienenced" by your existance? Don't you see that your arguments are weak? I'll tell you what; go learn how to form a correct argument with strong points, and the you can come back here and debate all you want. Until then, don't try to fight a battleship when all you have is a banana. You will lose every time.

No one says, "we're having a cluster of cells." They say, "we're having a baby." Baby's are human beings. Homeo-Sapiens. Alive. Don't be selfish. Your body and your rights end where your child's begins. This goes all the way down to the most basic rights. Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness. Try reading my whole post next time.
Abiding says2016-02-22T23:50:41.217
Since when did you lose your rights because you are a mother?
If you aren't the one who is taking care of that child for 18 years you do not have a say in what to do with it.
SegBeg says2016-08-24T16:42:45.513
We never said pregnant people aren't people, You pro-abortionists and anti-babiers are constantly trying to dehumanize a fetus in order to justify killing a child you know is human and you know is innocent- much like slave owners dehumanized the black people in order to justify enslaving them against their will. Abortion is simultaneous to slavery and does slavery sound right to you?
TheLeader says2020-08-19T17:17:18.623
I am not anti-choice, You have 4 choices, Abstinence, Contraception, Adoption, And parenting. The only choice I do not allow is murder, And just so you know all you are is a cluster of cells does that give me the right to kill you. It is also important to note that the fetus does not have the same DNA as you so scientifically it is not part of your body.
Slamboozle says2020-09-20T13:25:41.563
Abstinence: Yeah, Good luck trying to stop people's built-in biological urge to do the only thing that carries on their lineage. The one thing that evolution highly selects all animals on planet earth for.

Contraception: Stupidity is not a choice. Letting people and their families become even bigger liabilities to society doesn't solve anything. You can't even get anti-maskers to wear masks despite the overwhelming scientific evidence that they should do it. Fines and laws are already passed to mitigate this and many people continue to still continue to be stupid. If we're generous to say they're not the majority of the US, They're enough to still ruin the lives of everybody else if we don't watch it. If we're unable to convince that many people despite all the evidence that points to how much harm they bring to society with their stupidity, We're certainly not going to save many stupid people from messing up their contraceptives. Even if they do everything right, Those contraceptives aren't full-proof guarantees.

Adoption: Unless you live in a highly socialist society that looks after everybody, Adoption in most countries are incredibly dicey. High rates of children ending up messed up being passed on from foster care to foster care.

Parenting: Many parents are clearly not fit to be parents. Look at the many disparate neighborhoods full of uneducated, Unstable households, The smart parents are the ones who know they can't look after kids with the position in life they're in.

Also, If I were just a cluster of cells, I wouldn't make a choice to either be born or not born in the first place. If I had an expecting mother who was dealing with mental health issues and drug addiction, She would be doing a much greater crime not aborting me. I would clearly pop out in an unsuitable family situation to be cared for. My odds of a quality life are tremendously slim considering the second-hand effects of her drug usage streaming in my blood. Sending me to adoption would still leave me with terrible health problems on top of the shaky odds of finding a better family. Even if those odds were 60-70%, That still leaves a 30-40% chance of a life of misery. It is not a worthwhile roll if there's a 30-40% chance that I'd end up ruined when abortion gives a 100% chance to avoid such a fate. Abstinence is clearly beyond her as she wouldn't even have the mental clarity to understand the consequences of her actions. If this were the case, Whether or not you have the right to end my life as a cluster of cells, You'd certainly be condemning me to a high chance of a horrible life and a mediocre chance of barely tolerable circumstances. Maybe I could solve the cure for cancer, But those odds are astronomically slim considering the setting I established.
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