• My Body. My Choice.

    I never want to have an abortion. I personally don't think that I could possibly have one, but that's not the point. The point isn't whether or not it's right or wrong, whether or not it's against the bible (dude that argument doesn't work on other religions or those without religious affiliation. I don't want an abortion, therefore I won't get one. It's that simple. If you don't like it, don't do it. Women have the right to choose. The important part is that they have that right and that right is protected.
    Don't like guns? Don't buy one.
    Don't like gays? Don't be one.
    Don't like sex? Don't have it.
    Don't like abortion? Don't get one.
    Do not try and restrict other people's rights. It's wrong.

  • It's our bodies

    It's not your body. Why can't I have a say in whether or not my body is changed drastically? It is my body! NOT YOURS. Why would you care? If I'm going to hell for having an abortion, I'll meet you there for judging and prosecuting me. It's my body. Not yours.

  • Potential for Life

    There are two main arguments against abortion that I have seen. The first of which calls upon the bible, and the second of which says that abortion is akin to murder. If this is so, spermicide would be akin to genocide, and every time someone fails to conceive when possible, it would also be considered a murder. As this makes absolutely no sense, I think that abortion should be allowed.

  • Pregnant people are people too...

    Anti-choicers, in their rabid chanting of 'murderer', 'the fetus is a person too', 'but it has a heartbeat and a brain and limbs', and 'but it's a child and a life', seem to forget that the person carrying said fetus also has a heartbeat, is also a person, and is not a breeding cow like Anti-choicers like to think.

    People who have ended up pregnant and don't want the baby should have a right to a choice, whether to carry a baby to term, whether to put it up for adoption when it is born, or whether to abort it. They should not be shamed, threatened, and punished.

    Why do people fight tooth and nail for a cluster of cells that are part of someone else's body at the time and forget that a person carrying said cluster is also a person?

  • Life has not been made yet

    Although a fetus is a living breathing human, is it really alive? Technically yes, but being alive has a different meaning from having a life. I agree, it is horrible that a life is taken through abortion and that baby will never have its opportunity to live. The one problem with society is that we make too many laws based on emotion. A lot of pro-life people are against abortion, fine. My question is why aren't many of them against birth control of any other types of contraception? Isn't that abortion as well? Isn't that taking the opportunity of life from a potential person? The fact is, abortion and contraception has no difference but people only argue abortion because they see a developing human and start to get emotional when in reality, interrupting fertilization is also "killing" a human.
    Back to my point on being alive and having a life. For example, if I was killed tomorrow, people would care. My family who I am apart of, my friends who I've made laugh and feel good, etc. Everyone's death has an impact on many peoples lives. Lets admit it, people like us, and some people like our company. If I were to be killed tomorrow many people would be devastated, and its a horrible thing. But does the same thing go for an unborn fetus? A fetus has no personality, it hasn't made friends, it hasn't impacted people lives, and it hasn't done anything to make it desirable (except being someones potential child). The fetus is alive, but it doesn't have a life. Its tough to make the decision of abortion, but people need to realize that theres always a reason, and its a great solution to a sticky situation. Since the loss of a potential person is far less dramatic than the loss of an actual person, I think abortion is okay (not amazing) to do.

  • Yes, it's my body

    It's my body and I'd rather not have anyone telling me what to do with it. A lot of different terrible things can lead to pregnancy and pregnancies can cause many issues for the mother. But even if the pregnancy is not caused by a rape or causing health issues, my body is my own and I'll decide what to have in it. I know that this is a hard concept for many people to grasp but it's just the way I feel. Pregnancy is a very emotionally and physically taxing thing and can leave you tired and depressed for a long time after you have the baby. It has also been used as a means to oppress women all throughout history. Also, people don't really like to hear this one, but there are some disabilities and extreme health issues that can be detected in the early stages of pregnancy that can make the child unable to ever have a normal life and the mother would have to spend her entire life dedicating all of her time to her disabled child. Some of these conditions are so debilitating that the child's life may be absolutely miserable.

  • Yes, they do

    It's always amazed me when men chime in on this debate to tell women what their body can and cannot do. The country has said what it needed to about that, while some backwards states are trying to change the definition of conception to "that time you kind of thought about kissing her maybe", the majority have shown where the stand with the removal of so many GOP members last election that openly showed their disdain towards women.

  • Its the womens body

    I think if the women has a reason why they want an abortion it should be perfectly fine what if she was raped? Who would want to have a baby from someone who raped them? Or what if you knew the baby would come out with disabilities why would you put your child through that if you knew you could prevent it? I believe that you should have a limited time of choosing an abortion like you cant wait until your 2 months or later. Its the womens body and it their decision.

  • Existed rights is worthier than those not.

    So those who say no to abortion, are you violating rights of an existed human-being for a not technically non-yet-existed life? So the woman has to suffer for someone else's fault, or for being a woman at all? The one who says no to abortion is not only sexism but also against the right of an existed human-being should enjoy.

  • Life of the Child

    A lot of women get pregnant at a young age and cannot support their child. This is one reason why abortion should be legal. Although it takes away the fetus' life, their life would have been otherwise horrible. Sometimes having an abortion is the right thing to do when it comes to the life of the child.

  • The word fetus

    Its a little funny when some women say the word fetus. They say we can abort which means to terminate a fetus. The are technically saying that they are aborting a baby because the word fetus means unborn child in Greek. Its not a blob of tissue. Get over yourselves! Your carrying a human life. If you have a crappy home situation give it up for adoption.

  • Women are infringing on what rights a fetus should have.

    Currently, a fetus has absolutely no rights until the mother enters the second trimester. This means that at 89 days old, a fetus the size of an apple, with a functioning brain, large enough to move around, large enough for the mother to feel their child, may be "terminated". My stance has absolutely nothing to do with religion, I do not believe in god, however, I do have a strong enough moral sense of what is right and wrong to know that being aloud to kill a human, (homo-sapien) that is 89 days old is wrong, simply because of negligence, which is what it would be that far along, is ridiculous.

    And you people say I can't even smoke a joint once in a while... Come on.

  • Women shouldnt have the right to get abortions.

    Every human being deserves to live. Its not their fault you decided to lay down and have a baby. To me killing an unborn baby is just as bad ass killing a person thats already alive. A crime is a crime and a sin is a sin. They deserve to live.

  • They say its "my body"

    Last time i checked you didnt have 2 head 4 arms and 4 legs or 1 heart you heartless murderers! This is not right! A baby eagle death is a 300k$ fine and its illegal... Yet its legal to murder babies of our own flesh and blood! There are barren mothers who would kill you just for thinking about abortion!

  • "My body, my choice" is not an argument. Abortion is legalized child-murder.

    It always infuriates me when women say "my body, my choice!" That is the most ridiculous argument possible. NOBODY cares about your body okay? People care about the CHILD yes CHILD inside your body. Nobody cares about your gallbladder, tonsils, teeth or kidneys. They care about the child inside you. How hard is it to understand that? If there is no person inside there, then what is it? Where did you come from? Outer space? People also love to argue that it is "just a bundle of cells." That means you are just a bundle of cells, life has no meaning, and there is no such thing as human life. Murder should be legal by that argument.

    Also, the same argument for abortion is the same argument for slavery. You do not get to define what a human being is by whether or not it is inconvenient to you. I can argue that my slave has no rights because he is on my property, and he has no life because he is my slave. He only exists by my use for him. Therefore you can't tell me what to do with him. < That is the actual logic pro-choice people use. If you think your convenience is more important than a human life, then that makes you an actual evil person. The Jews were undesirable to Hitler, so he killed 5 million of them.

    Also it is not a religious thing at all. It is a human life thing. Without morals, without sense of being human, we would have no society, only chaos. Life is sacred. Children are a gift, not a curse.

    I also love how the same liberals claiming to fight for the rights of minorities support abortion. Approximately 70% of abortions are performed on black or Hispanic women. Liberals don't care about minorities rights, or even "women's rights" as they claim to, they only use them to further their agenda and their world image. The overwhelming amount of abortions are also for convenience issues. Only a very small percentage are for actual health-risks or rape cases. Many abortions also occur when the baby can be born prematurely and still live a healthy life.

    The answer to abortion is to be more responsible and use that thing called a brain (which a fetus posses by the way) to make smarter decisions regarding sex. Use condoms, contraceptives, emergency pill, etc. There are SO many things you can use these days. This is not the year 1400. With everything out there today, there should be NO reason why anyone should be getting pregnant "against their will." If you had unsafe sex, then I'm sorry but it is your fault. You don't get to kill babies because of it. "Pro-choice" is another term for "pro baby killing."

  • Cold blooded murder.

    It is not your body, it is a separate baby human being's body that is temporarily inside of yours. You shallow "women's rights" freedom fighters reciting oppression diatribe like a recording overlook the fact that your main opposition is WOMEN. Women who have children and women who wish they could have children. These women know that a fetus is a human being with a soul, and to rip it our prematurely and murder it is barbaric and spineless.

  • Abortion simply isn't about Women's rights.

    I don't understand how someone could even BEGIN to try and justify killing a child by coining the phrase, "my body, my choice." Its just outrageous! Since when do women have four arms, four legs, two heads, two functioning brains, and two bearing hearts? I don't know about you, but last time I checked, babys are still human being. SEPRATE human beings. What does that mean? Well, that means that the mother's rights ENDS where her child's begins. This issue goes all the way down to the core principles our country was founded on: the rights to Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness. However, our society has proved time and time again that those powerful words mean nothing to them. Its not just a sentnence that "sounds cool," those are INALIENABLE RIGHTS, that ALL human beings have.

    Some of my friends tell me that even if abortion is abolished, that it doesn't mean women wont continue to have abortions. I'd like to give those women the benifit of the doubt, but I simply can't. People commit illegal acts all the time. You can't underestimate someone who is willing to kill their own son or daughter, becase they obviously have no moral, or at least have a serious problem with their morals.

    People try to tell me all the time that abortion is a woman's right. I think that is unbelievably and disgustingly selfish, and I'm just being honest. I know those are really strong words, but there is no other way to say it. I'm not giving into the distopianistic act of censorship. The ultimate form of selfishness is the act of killing another, innocent, person, to a problem. Thats called murder. People get arrested for that. Remember the Fort Hood shooting? I don't remember the actual death count, but one of the people killed was a pregnant woman. Her child was not counted as among the dead. I can't be the only person who thinks that wrong and disgusting, can I? This country needs a serious reality check, and it starts here. A baby is a human being. There are no "ifs, ands, or buts" about it. Abortion isn't about women's rigts. Its about human rights, and feminists are arguing the wrong side. Open your eyes, people.

  • Wrong! Wrong! Wrong!

    People who believe in abortion obviously have no heart. A baby is a great thing. You should be thankful God has given you the ability to have babies. There are so many other options for women who are pregnant and don't want to keep it. Why not bless someone elses family with a baby rather than for your own selfish reasons. I strongly believe that if you have an abortion you should be faced with prison time. If your going to kill your baby why not kill your mom too.. But you wouldn't do that would you.

  • Abuse of Child's Rights

    Advocates say a woman has a right to do what she wants with her body. A baby, should be treated as a human, on the basis that it will become a human and, if the woman didn't want the child, then either adopt or abstain from sex.Take responsibility for your actions. Being pregnant, is like signing a contract to provide your womb to the fetus, if you don't like it don't have sex. Don't kill the defenceless and voiceless. Babies, do try and move away from probes etc in the womb. Abortion drugs are like chemical genocide. The number of Aborted babies in the United states alone is on par with those killed by Mao's policies.

  • They are developing human beings.

    In Canada, a fetus has no rights until it's born. It's viewed as a blob of cells until it evacuates the womb. However, once a fetus is born it's considered a baby and immediately it's murder to kill the same fetus that was in the womb only seconds earlier. This baby now has human rights, but why not sooner?
    According to many feminists and like-minded people, this is because the fetus is within the mother's body and therefore, the mother has the power to choose abortion.
    I am going to refer to the process of land-owning to paint a small picture for a moment. A landowner has the ability to sell and modify his land. However, a landowner can only modify his land according to regulations and laws. These laws ensure that wildlife and natural resources aren't harmed. Although the landowner has power over the land itself, he does not have unlimited abilities within his power to do what he wants with the land.
    Now, retain that image as we survey abortion. A mother also has the ability to sell her body (prostitution: as of 2014 it is illegal to buy prostitution, not sell it) and modify it through tattoos, piercings, etc.
    However, our government regulates drug use, the selling of your own organs, and assisted suicide because they are dangerous to yourself and society. So clearly, we do not maintain full control over our own bodies.
    If an action limits or defiles another person's rights, then we lose the ability to do what we please with our bodies.
    Now, many feminists will state that a fetus does not qualify as "another person" because it's not "living.". However, when we talk about creation theories, we consider the single-celled organisms of Archaea to be the first "living thing." So why are the first existent cells on Earth considered to be 'life' but a fetus is not yet 'living?'
    Now, some people may also argue that a fetus is alive but it cannot sustain itself and therefore, the mother has the right to abortion. But suppose a woman decides that doesn't want her baby after it's born and lets it die. Would this be considered murder or would this still remain part of her rights? Obviously this woman would be tried for murder because she refused to care for the baby even though it's completely dependent on her for survival.
    A fetus is also completely dependent on it's mother for survival not because it's any less of a human being but because it's not fully developed and cannot function on its own. (The same could be said for many disabled children and newborn babies.)
    I am not one of those people who is heartless to cases of rape, a woman's financial status, or lack of support etc. Rather, I sympathize with everyone that finds themselves in these cases and I cannot imagine how hard it would be to go through that. However, I still believe that abortion is not a women's choice.

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