• My Body. My Choice.

    I never want to have an abortion. I personally don't think that I could possibly have one, but that's not the point. The point isn't whether or not it's right or wrong, whether or not it's against the bible (dude that argument doesn't work on other religions or those without religious affiliation. I don't want an abortion, therefore I won't get one. It's that simple. If you don't like it, don't do it. Women have the right to choose. The important part is that they have that right and that right is protected.
    Don't like guns? Don't buy one.
    Don't like gays? Don't be one.
    Don't like sex? Don't have it.
    Don't like abortion? Don't get one.
    Do not try and restrict other people's rights. It's wrong.

  • It's our bodies

    It's not your body. Why can't I have a say in whether or not my body is changed drastically? It is my body! NOT YOURS. Why would you care? If I'm going to hell for having an abortion, I'll meet you there for judging and prosecuting me. It's my body. Not yours.

  • Potential for Life

    There are two main arguments against abortion that I have seen. The first of which calls upon the bible, and the second of which says that abortion is akin to murder. If this is so, spermicide would be akin to genocide, and every time someone fails to conceive when possible, it would also be considered a murder. As this makes absolutely no sense, I think that abortion should be allowed.

  • Pregnant people are people too...

    Anti-choicers, in their rabid chanting of 'murderer', 'the fetus is a person too', 'but it has a heartbeat and a brain and limbs', and 'but it's a child and a life', seem to forget that the person carrying said fetus also has a heartbeat, is also a person, and is not a breeding cow like Anti-choicers like to think.

    People who have ended up pregnant and don't want the baby should have a right to a choice, whether to carry a baby to term, whether to put it up for adoption when it is born, or whether to abort it. They should not be shamed, threatened, and punished.

    Why do people fight tooth and nail for a cluster of cells that are part of someone else's body at the time and forget that a person carrying said cluster is also a person?

  • Life has not been made yet

    Although a fetus is a living breathing human, is it really alive? Technically yes, but being alive has a different meaning from having a life. I agree, it is horrible that a life is taken through abortion and that baby will never have its opportunity to live. The one problem with society is that we make too many laws based on emotion. A lot of pro-life people are against abortion, fine. My question is why aren't many of them against birth control of any other types of contraception? Isn't that abortion as well? Isn't that taking the opportunity of life from a potential person? The fact is, abortion and contraception has no difference but people only argue abortion because they see a developing human and start to get emotional when in reality, interrupting fertilization is also "killing" a human.
    Back to my point on being alive and having a life. For example, if I was killed tomorrow, people would care. My family who I am apart of, my friends who I've made laugh and feel good, etc. Everyone's death has an impact on many peoples lives. Lets admit it, people like us, and some people like our company. If I were to be killed tomorrow many people would be devastated, and its a horrible thing. But does the same thing go for an unborn fetus? A fetus has no personality, it hasn't made friends, it hasn't impacted people lives, and it hasn't done anything to make it desirable (except being someones potential child). The fetus is alive, but it doesn't have a life. Its tough to make the decision of abortion, but people need to realize that theres always a reason, and its a great solution to a sticky situation. Since the loss of a potential person is far less dramatic than the loss of an actual person, I think abortion is okay (not amazing) to do.

  • Yes, it's my body

    It's my body and I'd rather not have anyone telling me what to do with it. A lot of different terrible things can lead to pregnancy and pregnancies can cause many issues for the mother. But even if the pregnancy is not caused by a rape or causing health issues, my body is my own and I'll decide what to have in it. I know that this is a hard concept for many people to grasp but it's just the way I feel. Pregnancy is a very emotionally and physically taxing thing and can leave you tired and depressed for a long time after you have the baby. It has also been used as a means to oppress women all throughout history. Also, people don't really like to hear this one, but there are some disabilities and extreme health issues that can be detected in the early stages of pregnancy that can make the child unable to ever have a normal life and the mother would have to spend her entire life dedicating all of her time to her disabled child. Some of these conditions are so debilitating that the child's life may be absolutely miserable.

  • Yes, they do

    It's always amazed me when men chime in on this debate to tell women what their body can and cannot do. The country has said what it needed to about that, while some backwards states are trying to change the definition of conception to "that time you kind of thought about kissing her maybe", the majority have shown where the stand with the removal of so many GOP members last election that openly showed their disdain towards women.

  • Its the womens body

    I think if the women has a reason why they want an abortion it should be perfectly fine what if she was raped? Who would want to have a baby from someone who raped them? Or what if you knew the baby would come out with disabilities why would you put your child through that if you knew you could prevent it? I believe that you should have a limited time of choosing an abortion like you cant wait until your 2 months or later. Its the womens body and it their decision.

  • Existed rights is worthier than those not.

    So those who say no to abortion, are you violating rights of an existed human-being for a not technically non-yet-existed life? So the woman has to suffer for someone else's fault, or for being a woman at all? The one who says no to abortion is not only sexism but also against the right of an existed human-being should enjoy.

  • Life of the Child

    A lot of women get pregnant at a young age and cannot support their child. This is one reason why abortion should be legal. Although it takes away the fetus' life, their life would have been otherwise horrible. Sometimes having an abortion is the right thing to do when it comes to the life of the child.

  • Abortion is immoral

    There is no way to be intellectually consistent and still justify the killing of children at any point after conception. A common theme with people today is removing the correlation between action and consequence. If you choose to have intercourse, You give implied consent to have a baby. You do not have the right to kill another human because you regret your actions.

  • Potential Life = Worth something

    I don't think a choice should be more important than potential human life because potential human life, A future is worth something. Why, You may ask. Why is something that isn't sentient now, Worth something? Well, Because the fetus could be anyone, You could be the fetus, And the fetus will have a choice in the future, Will be able to feel things and be a human, It's only a matter of time. A fetus doesn't have the choice who his/her mother is, So the mother doesn't have more rights than the baby, Because in the end, The baby is just carried by the mother, Not owned. It's simply immoral.

  • No One has the “ right “ to kill

    I’ve seen aborted ( formed ) fetuses parts laid out on tables iHorrifying! Like a smorgasbord for the best part for sale!
    And they Do sell babies that way. Most of these women want an abortion because maybe it’ll ruin their figure, Or oops, Was crossing my fingers that wouldn’t happen, Etc. . . Maybe they should have crossed their legs! So ugly selfish! Then they say it’s their “right “because
    “It’s MY body”! You forgot something. . Your baby has their OWN body! Think ahead next time instead of just getting your rocks off. . .
    NO ONE has a RIGHT to murder another

  • I support Women's Rights but not when it comes to this.

    I firmly believe women should have the same equal rights as men, But when it comes to the topic of abortion, I have to make an exception. According to Biology, A cell is the basic unit of life and a fetus inside a women's body contains cells which means it is a living thing. By aborting it then yes you are killing a form of life that deserves to live but will never due to the abortion. Life is precious and everyone deserves the chance at it. I can't support abortion I just can't.

  • They are committing murder

    Abortion should be illegal and wemon should be given the death penalty for murdering their child. Also people who are pro abortionist should be arrested for "incitement" to commit murder.

    I was reading yesterday about how Texas is trying to make it illegal for wemon to abort there babies and I applaud them for it.

    At the end of they day wemon are lazy do not w a nd to t a me responability for their actions. If they want to have sex without taking precautions like getting thier tubes tied they have to accept the resposabilities that could entail, If they don't then they should be sterilized.

  • Abortion is wrong

    It is unjust. If you have sex voluntarily, Your action led to the baby being born, You cannot just kill it because you don't want it. It is unfair to the life inside you. Better to just give it up for adoption than to kill it. It is wrong. If you say it's not a life, How do you know? We don't. And because we do not know, We need assume it is a living being because we do not want to accidentally kill a human.

  • Abortion is not right.

    Some people who try to justify abortion say that it's not murder because it's legal, It will decrease poverty, Or that it will only lead to unsafe abortions. But there was one point in which slavery was legal. And if you want to eliminate poverty so bad, Then why are you so opposed to programs to helping the poor. And just because people will have illegal abortions is still no justification for legalizing it. For example, Prostitution is illegal and widely visible yet there is no movement towards legalizing it.

  • If they should be able to do what they want because it's their body. Then they need to be responsible for their actions.

    They are the ones who choose to have sex and they knew that they could get pregnant. If they get pregnant that's not the babies fault. Yet they are the ones who suffer from their mistakes. So no women should not be able to have an abortion unless they are raped. Event hen a lot of women who are raped keep the baby because it wasn't that babies fault. Yet someone who chose to have sex takes it out on the baby.

  • Murder in the womb

    It might be your body, but that is a living organism. Sure it isn't grown yet, but it has a heartbeat. It breathes, eats, and sleeps just like everyone else. It is murder to abort a baby. When God blesses you with a baby you should be proud, not ashamed. And even if you dont want it, adoption is always an option, there are people out there who cant have the blessing of a little, beautiful baby. Abortion is wrong, and also murder

  • It is not your body, not your choice

    Women want to have complete control of their body and of the direction that their lives are going to go. Say that the woman wants to further her career and doesn't want their pregnancy and child to affect their life plan. However, if they truly want control of their body and the direction of their life, they can try this thing called abstinence. Sex is meant for reproduction. The reason that there is pleasure in it, it so people will want to do it, resulting in more people. This is common science. If you are not ready to have a baby, then you are not ready for sex. Just because one has done something that messes up their life plan, the life of their child and their future should not be aborted. Everyone deserves a chance to live, so don't allow someone's mistake kill an innocent person. That is the most selfish thing anyone can do.

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