• My Body. My Choice.

    I never want to have an abortion. I personally don't think that I could possibly have one, but that's not the point. The point isn't whether or not it's right or wrong, whether or not it's against the bible (dude that argument doesn't work on other religions or those without religious affiliation. I don't want an abortion, therefore I won't get one. It's that simple. If you don't like it, don't do it. Women have the right to choose. The important part is that they have that right and that right is protected.
    Don't like guns? Don't buy one.
    Don't like gays? Don't be one.
    Don't like sex? Don't have it.
    Don't like abortion? Don't get one.
    Do not try and restrict other people's rights. It's wrong.

  • Yes, it's my body

    It's my body and I'd rather not have anyone telling me what to do with it. A lot of different terrible things can lead to pregnancy and pregnancies can cause many issues for the mother. But even if the pregnancy is not caused by a rape or causing health issues, my body is my own and I'll decide what to have in it. I know that this is a hard concept for many people to grasp but it's just the way I feel. Pregnancy is a very emotionally and physically taxing thing and can leave you tired and depressed for a long time after you have the baby. It has also been used as a means to oppress women all throughout history. Also, people don't really like to hear this one, but there are some disabilities and extreme health issues that can be detected in the early stages of pregnancy that can make the child unable to ever have a normal life and the mother would have to spend her entire life dedicating all of her time to her disabled child. Some of these conditions are so debilitating that the child's life may be absolutely miserable.

  • It's our bodies

    It's not your body. Why can't I have a say in whether or not my body is changed drastically? It is my body! NOT YOURS. Why would you care? If I'm going to hell for having an abortion, I'll meet you there for judging and prosecuting me. It's my body. Not yours.

  • Pregnant people are people too...

    Anti-choicers, in their rabid chanting of 'murderer', 'the fetus is a person too', 'but it has a heartbeat and a brain and limbs', and 'but it's a child and a life', seem to forget that the person carrying said fetus also has a heartbeat, is also a person, and is not a breeding cow like Anti-choicers like to think.

    People who have ended up pregnant and don't want the baby should have a right to a choice, whether to carry a baby to term, whether to put it up for adoption when it is born, or whether to abort it. They should not be shamed, threatened, and punished.

    Why do people fight tooth and nail for a cluster of cells that are part of someone else's body at the time and forget that a person carrying said cluster is also a person?

  • Existed rights is worthier than those not.

    So those who say no to abortion, are you violating rights of an existed human-being for a not technically non-yet-existed life? So the woman has to suffer for someone else's fault, or for being a woman at all? The one who says no to abortion is not only sexism but also against the right of an existed human-being should enjoy.

  • Life of the Child

    A lot of women get pregnant at a young age and cannot support their child. This is one reason why abortion should be legal. Although it takes away the fetus' life, their life would have been otherwise horrible. Sometimes having an abortion is the right thing to do when it comes to the life of the child.

  • Its the womens body

    I think if the women has a reason why they want an abortion it should be perfectly fine what if she was raped? Who would want to have a baby from someone who raped them? Or what if you knew the baby would come out with disabilities why would you put your child through that if you knew you could prevent it? I believe that you should have a limited time of choosing an abortion like you cant wait until your 2 months or later. Its the womens body and it their decision.

  • It's a good idea.

    A baby does not have a soul until it takes its first breath therefore we are not killing anything but a shell of a body. It has no personality it isn't even a fully developed human yet. So we wouldn't really be killing anything just a shell. NO need to even worry or feel sad about killing a shell huh?

  • Women Have the Right to Abortion

    ALL PEOPLE, MEN AND WOMEN, HAVE THE RIGHT TO MAKE DECISIONS ABOUT THEIR OWN BODIES WITHOUT INTERFERENCE FROM OTHER PEOPLE. All women should be able to choose for themselves whether or not they have an abortion. It should be nobody else's decision but theirs. A woman has the right to live her life however she deems best for herself.

  • The individual is sovereign

    John Stuart Mill once said, "Over his own mind and body, the individual is sovereign". To deny women abortion rights is to deprive them of sovereignity over their own bodies. What if the pregnancy is a result of rape or incest? Nobody should be forced to carry that burden. And what if the child would've been born with a severe mental and physical defect?

  • Women are infringing on what rights a fetus should have.

    Currently, a fetus has absolutely no rights until the mother enters the second trimester. This means that at 89 days old, a fetus the size of an apple, with a functioning brain, large enough to move around, large enough for the mother to feel their child, may be "terminated". My stance has absolutely nothing to do with religion, I do not believe in god, however, I do have a strong enough moral sense of what is right and wrong to know that being aloud to kill a human, (homo-sapien) that is 89 days old is wrong, simply because of negligence, which is what it would be that far along, is ridiculous.

    And you people say I can't even smoke a joint once in a while... Come on.

  • Cold blooded murder.

    It is not your body, it is a separate baby human being's body that is temporarily inside of yours. You shallow "women's rights" freedom fighters reciting oppression diatribe like a recording overlook the fact that your main opposition is WOMEN. Women who have children and women who wish they could have children. These women know that a fetus is a human being with a soul, and to rip it our prematurely and murder it is barbaric and spineless.

  • They say its "my body"

    Last time i checked you didnt have 2 head 4 arms and 4 legs or 1 heart you heartless murderers! This is not right! A baby eagle death is a 300k$ fine and its illegal... Yet its legal to murder babies of our own flesh and blood! There are barren mothers who would kill you just for thinking about abortion!

  • Here are a few hypothetical example while woman should avoid abortion.

    First of all I will start my point by saying if this particular woman had been aborted will she have privilege to have sexual intercourse let alone of attempt abortion. However, the unborn baby deserve to live because nobody knows he/her future nobody knows weather is the next Jesus Christ, in short any ladies who attempt abortion need to be penalize for the murder case. Although some woman attempt it because of unforeseen circumstances but that doesn't justify them to go for abortion. Like a popular proverb that says, ''we cant sabotage or erase tragedy with tragedy'' so as to say, abort the baby doesn't bring back joy its only increase the fire of sadness. In conclusion, abortion is the act of murder innocent soul that can transform the world, even though if you are not ready to have a baby there are a lot things which you can use as a protection such as condoms.

  • It's still a human in a life of someone.

    In all honesty you should put it up for adoption if you dont want it. If it is because of health well think before having sex. If you dont want i child dont have intercourse. Be respectful to your body and understand what God wanted you to have and make it the best.

  • Women shouldnt have the right to get abortions.

    Every human being deserves to live. Its not their fault you decided to lay down and have a baby. To me killing an unborn baby is just as bad ass killing a person thats already alive. A crime is a crime and a sin is a sin. They deserve to live.

  • The word fetus

    Its a little funny when some women say the word fetus. They say we can abort which means to terminate a fetus. The are technically saying that they are aborting a baby because the word fetus means unborn child in Greek. Its not a blob of tissue. Get over yourselves! Your carrying a human life. If you have a crappy home situation give it up for adoption.

  • Abortion simply isn't about Women's rights.

    I don't understand how someone could even BEGIN to try and justify killing a child by coining the phrase, "my body, my choice." Its just outrageous! Since when do women have four arms, four legs, two heads, two functioning brains, and two bearing hearts? I don't know about you, but last time I checked, babys are still human being. SEPRATE human beings. What does that mean? Well, that means that the mother's rights ENDS where her child's begins. This issue goes all the way down to the core principles our country was founded on: the rights to Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness. However, our society has proved time and time again that those powerful words mean nothing to them. Its not just a sentnence that "sounds cool," those are INALIENABLE RIGHTS, that ALL human beings have.

    Some of my friends tell me that even if abortion is abolished, that it doesn't mean women wont continue to have abortions. I'd like to give those women the benifit of the doubt, but I simply can't. People commit illegal acts all the time. You can't underestimate someone who is willing to kill their own son or daughter, becase they obviously have no moral, or at least have a serious problem with their morals.

    People try to tell me all the time that abortion is a woman's right. I think that is unbelievably and disgustingly selfish, and I'm just being honest. I know those are really strong words, but there is no other way to say it. I'm not giving into the distopianistic act of censorship. The ultimate form of selfishness is the act of killing another, innocent, person, to a problem. Thats called murder. People get arrested for that. Remember the Fort Hood shooting? I don't remember the actual death count, but one of the people killed was a pregnant woman. Her child was not counted as among the dead. I can't be the only person who thinks that wrong and disgusting, can I? This country needs a serious reality check, and it starts here. A baby is a human being. There are no "ifs, ands, or buts" about it. Abortion isn't about women's rigts. Its about human rights, and feminists are arguing the wrong side. Open your eyes, people.

  • It Depends But In Light of the full effects of the public policy including the effects of rhetoric to defend it, so right now NO

    You do not have a right to do something which because of its legalization is creating gigantic (not just tiny) ripple effects in our society that could spell catastrophe. It's not legal abortion that's the problem so much as the arguments pro-choice people make. Arguments pro-choice people often without them even thinking about it imply that if you are abused/neglected, disabled, or even just a foster kid that therefore your life is completely worthless and you should've been aborted. That is not only extremely offensive but it gives credence to eugenicism and risks sending our society towards such an outcome. Saying things like "how many children have you adopted?" sends a message that if you weren't adopted, if you grew up in foster care that you are worthless and should have been aborted. It sends a further message that death is better than even the smallest of sufferings. Look at depression and suicide rates in society today. It is because of your rhetoric! Stop that sort of rhetoric, point out the societal pitfalls of making such arguments and emphasize arguments about bodily autonomy for the mother instead and I may become pro-choice again but just out of the sheer fact of what your argumentation has done to our society I must be pro-life!

  • No, they can not

    It's not "my body, my choice". A fetus isn't like a "brain dead" human, a brain dead human most likely can't get better. But a fetus is constantly growing and maturing, it IS getting better. Most of the time, People ask for abortions because they don't want to deal with the consequences. Even though they HAD sex. Sex is a act of REPRODUCTION. Not only that, why do women just get a say whether or not they can abort it? It takes two for intercourse! There are a lot of guys out there who wanted to keep the child but his wife/gf/ or whatever took that right away from him. When it comes to abortion, people seem to only care about the woman or the baby, but never the man. Killing a baby because you're a lazy moron who doesn't want to keep a child that YOU made is highly immoral. And to the guys who pressured their gf's into getting an abortion, what if she wanted it? Abortion should only be allowed in cases of rape, high chances the woman can die, or if the fetus is harmful. That's it.

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