• My Life, My Body

    I'm adamantly opposed to the idea of 'forcing' someone to become a parent when they're in no way ready to do so. Many people do not have the means to care for themselves. Once they find out about a potential baby, stress and fear kick in. This can lead to extreme desperation. That's why there is usually a time line where the potential pregnancy can be terminated.

    While I could never make the decision to end a pregnancy, I do not believe it's my right to try and force others to do so. If you do not know what someone else is going through, you have no right to look down upon them.

    "Judge not, that ye be not judged. For with what judgment ye judge, ye shall be judged: and with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you again."

  • Yes.... And No....

    Every woman has the right to her own body but after a certain amount of time it could be considered murder by some people. A woman could've been raped, and if she had the child then they might come into a life in which the mother can't support. There are so many different factors that the government just can't take away abortion altogether.

  • It goes both ways.

    Women should have the right to choose an abortion, and have the right to choose life. I recently found out that I am pregnant, and the baby's father wants me to have an abortion. That is the last thing I want for my baby. He says that he has a right to choose an abortion, but what about "my body, my choice"? What happened to my right to choose? I choose life, and there is nothing wrong with that. My family supports me with whatever I choose, whether it be abortion or letting it live. I prefer the latter for me, and it is not for me to say what any woman does with her body, except for me and my body.

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  • Women should be able to do anything they would like

    Women should be able to do anything they want because girls and women have ability's that boys might not have. And later on the boys might need that girl to do something that boys cant do. And also it's not any ones job to tell girl what they have to do or what they can do because its there body and there life so they need to stay out of it.

  • Women should be able to do anything the would like

    Women should be able to do anything they want because girls and women have ability's that boys might not have. And later on the boys might need that girl to do something that boys cant do. And also it's not any ones job to tell girl what they have to do or what they can do because its there body and there life so they need to stay out of it.

  • It's My Body

    Woman who are in need of abortions do not chose to get pregnant. We do not plan on any of this happening. Some may say that if you are going to do the deed you have to live with the results. That is extremely unfair to all woman, men have casual sex and do not have to worry about this. Some say it's murder, it is not because the fetus hasn't formed yet. Some say why not just wait have it then put it up for adoption. Well I do not want to put my body's through nine months of pain suffering and crazy hormones. I do not want to have to go through pain and Shame for nine months straight. People say what about the father, well the father doesn't have to be pregnant for nine months and destroy their body. Also, if The father wants a baby he can have one wig someone that wants to raise it with them. Everyone woman deserves the right to chose.

  • Everyone has the right to choose

    It is her own body, she should be able to do with it what she so desires. We should not live in a world where men rule over a woman and her body as that defeats the idea of gender equality and sets us back another 100 years or so

  • Everyone has the right to choose

    Something tells me the author of this question meant "Choose abortion." And oh, look at that, my answer is still yes. It's her body and her choice as to what she does with it and how she uses it. And that includes using abortion as a form of birth control.

  • Yes, I do believe that women should have the right to choose.

    The responsibility of parenting is a great one. It is also a life-long responsibility, and not for just 18 years. I think that it is a much more responsible decision to terminate a pregnancy, rather than to raise a child you know you cannot adequately provide for. Sure, you could give the child up for adoption, but you would also have to keep in consideration that agencies and foster systems have a reputation for being overcrowded, and there are children who get mistreated in those situations.

  • No, what about father's rights?

    Now, to clarify, legally, they do have "the right to choose".
    But I wish that women would exercise some of their other rights, so that this whole debate we are having about abortion would become a non-issue.
    How about the right to use protection?
    How about the right to say no?
    I hate this "right to choose" attitude, because in one foul swoop it nullifies all rights men might have. Lets say the sex is consensual, both parties agree to do it, without protection, knowing full well that there is a large risk that pregnancy might ensure. Yet they do it anyway. The woman becomes pregnant, and the man wants to keep the baby. The woman exercises her "right to choose" and aborts, because she is unwilling to carry it to term for nine months. The man is willing to care for and love that child, for not only the first eighteen years but the rest of his natural life, but the woman won't put her body through the trauma of pregnancy for nine months. So the father has no rights. Both agreed to have consensual sex. The baby carries half of his DNA, as well as half of hers, but she can murder it and there is nothing a man can do. This is outrageous. And by the way, I'm a female writing with this point of view. Will I ever abort a child? No. I'm not that selfish.

  • I don't agree

    I'm a woman and I believe that it takes two to make a baby it should also be his choice. If you want the baby and he doesn't believe shouldn't have to pay for your choices. I'm a woman and I don't believe some women should hold all the cards to a unwanted birth if the man choses to opt out. Raise it alone. Child birth should include both parties. If not let him leave without the burden of your child.

  • Not on my tax money

    Planned Parenthood advocates on this simple fact: Abortion is homicide! Can you imagine having a tax-funded abortion and then get a visit from the police that YOU just committed homicide. And then go to jail for voluntarily murdering a vulnerable child. Democrats FAIL to tell you the truth! Grow up!

  • Not on my tax money!

    PLEASE Pay out of pocket without the GOVERNMENT telling We THE People to decide what can be done to our bodies. I don't want to know if YOU had an abortion. When a child of a US Citizen is born into welfare - I will contribute with my tax money!

  • Abortion is Murder

    I am well aware of the issues of rape, abuse and incest towards a woman. However, it gives you no right to take its life away. Something that has not done anything wrong, and a woman choses to kill it. Additionally, the majority of abortion in America are not because of rape, or incest, but convenience. Most women choose to have abortions because they accidently get pregnant which is irresponsible. Men and Women both have a responsibility on this Planet Earth!!! Do your responsibility!!

  • No God is the creator of life!

    Abortion is the greatest holocaust on earth, and affects not only the United States of America but all nations are under this sphere of influence. A silence, destructive force is handed down in the name of a woman’s right to choose! What does baptism and abortion have to do with each other? What values do they hold in life? These are subjects that both require a cognitive commitment. There is an overwhelming outcome when either of these matters is adhered to. They both are inspired incentives of cause and effect. Yeas are the tally to go forward and nays are the tally to deny one or the other. However, there is a huge difference between baptism and abortion, yet they both carry the death sentence, they both affect greater life.

  • Right to choose?

    What about the child? Why doesn't the child get a say? Oh that's right because it's still a fetus. You are murdering that poor innocent child. That is your child. You can give up all rights to that child when its born. You don't ever have to see that child again.

  • It's not her body being aborted, so her body is fine!

    It is indeed a womans right to treat her body almost as she sees fit, minus suicide etc. However that is not the issue nor question. It is the developing life inside of her body which is being destroyed. Her body will be the same and will carry on as normal after the procedure, the developing life will not. A baby would be born, but abortion prevents that life from developing into birth, thus is killing the fetus (greek word for baby) before it can reach birth. Two ways to look at it, same outcome. The life was cut short, and woman is fine. Abortion kills.

  • A woman has no say over another human being.

    I understand the argument, "it's her body, it's her choice," but considering that the zygote/fetus is biologically alive since conception, and is undeniably human and deserving rights, abortion is murder.
    Cases involving rape, incest, and life endangerment, although highly rare (92% of abortions are done for "emotional and/or social" reasons), are controversial. A total ban on abortion would imply that the women is punished for being the victim, having to carry the child of a stranger. However, there are government programs meant to provide aid to victims - of rape, incest, assault, abuse, etc. - which can be used as an alternative to abortion (if there is a total ban).
    Abortion should be restricted at the very least, but a total ban - with the right government action - is also reasonable.

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