• Women need a chance to prove themselves

    Women have what it takes we've never really unlocked a women's full potential how will we know for sure that she has what it takes or not if she is worthy or not . Women raise children and take care of their families we are great at multitasking . Women are more than capable it is a well known fact that women are more intelligent than man I think that men feel threatened by women.

  • I think that women need a chance to prove themselves

    Women have never been given a chance to prove if they're worthy or not we've never really unlocked a women's full potential how will we know for sure what she is cable of . A women is able to take care of her husband and raise a child ... We are great multitasker...

  • Women are smart enough to lead.

    Women have lots of common sense. So women feel and have lots of common sense. They are more mature and able to have feelings. Women feel for others. Women are very social and more able to to be able to take care.Yes they have feeling and take care much better using feelings.And are more mature.

  • Equal but different

    Women absolutely have the ability to do so. In general, leadership should not be a question of gender, but of the person specifically- "Does s/he have the ability to lead?" There are certainly characteristics that distinguish men from women and vice versa- after all they are not anatomically equal- however, both, in different ways have the tools to lead. Sometimes a more compassionate leader is necessary, sometimes a more organized one, and sometimes a more disciplined and serious one, and both men and women can fall into those categories. It honestly depends on the person in question, and should not depend whatsoever on his/her gender.

  • They are as equal as men

    More women should be in leadership roles because they are just as powerful and persuasive as men are. They have stuff they can bring to the table that men can't and they have more emotion and different perspectives and issues that men may generally over look or not think that is as important. We were born equal to men and should get are chance to change the world for better.

  • Yes, they have what it takes!

    It is a fact that women are better than men at anything they put their hand to, whatever task is presented to them, they learn, they strive, they adapt, they cope, and they have a huge capacity to grow both professionally as well as personally.They are more laden with responsibilities than an average man, and they are faced with more resistance when they go around getting a loan or convincing a venture capitalist to invest.

  • Yes,women definitely have what it takesto lead.

    Women can be seen to definitely have what it takes to lead.The issue is that they may use a different style of leadership than most men have but in the end it may be just as effective and in the end it gets the job done just as well as men.

  • Yes they do!!!!

    Basic biology and religion are the seed to gender stereotypes. Some men just don't listen or grow up! Women are GREAT leaders! We need more to change the world! If men and women are equal, they should have EQUAL opportunities! The majority of women know what is right unless she is republican...

  • Absolutely, definitely yes!

    Of course women have what it takes to lead. Women have the skills necessary to lead. Sometimes what women need are motivators and some encouragement to tap into the confidence she needs to rise up and be the natural born leader she is meant to be. There are historically great leaders who have happened to also be women. A difference of gender doesn't mean a difference in leadership.

  • We are born leaders!

    This is a sexiest statement! Of course women have what it takes to lead. At work, I went to a meeting and a male stated that women's brain was more evolved than a man's brain. Women have been oppressed for way too long. Men find strong women to be intimidating because he wants to continue to lead!

  • No, because their periods prevent optimum performance a few days a month.

    That is not to say that women cannot lead, period (pun intended). It means that you have to consider having a leader who cannot perform optimally a couple of days a month because she has to deal with a bloody situation and mood swings that could put the followers in jeopardy in critical situations like leaders in time of war or in the battle field.

  • No, women are far too emotional.

    Men heave held the reins for almost all of history and we have come a long way as a species, dis-regarding war, disease and poverty, our achievements and accomplishments have far surpassed any species known to us. In my country, a faction of the Labour party that was lead by women tried to impose a ban on men going for office in certain electorates. I don't believe women are equal to men but should be treated the same as men. History proves that men are superior when it comes to critical thinking, physical capabilities, philosophical ideas and a special talent with mathematics and engineering among many. Don't say that women have never had the chance to prove themselves because they've had almost 2500 years to do so.

  • Emotion blur their rational vision

    Women are emotional driven and cannot make rational decision. Women can lead if supported by strong Male leaders. Powerful women hardly resemble what a woman is, see Angela Merkel. They are great, very clever for many things...NOT LEADING! Usually powerful women are puppets that execute decision taken from someone else, see Angela Merkel,

  • Against fitra ( nature)

    When the prophet muhamed pbuh heard the news that the people of persia had made the daughter of khosrau thier Queen(ruler).He said"never will succed such a nationas makes a womer thier ruler"
    . Islam is the religion of "fitra" the nature of human beings ,Cause all of us are born submitting to the well of our creator .However, if you had christian or jewish parents they'll make you one of them .

    So i guess that no one would like a women to be his president

  • Here's my reasons

    To begin with, men were created first, then woman came from the man. Secondly, men are more dominate by nature, they are more competitive and combative then women. Thirdly, a woman is designed by nature to support, nurture, and serve. Fourthly, men are more rational and logical, whereas, women are more emotional by nature.

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