• Yes, I believe the Women in the Sopranos wield power.

    Yes, I believe that the women in The Soporanos do wield power but in a more subtle way, sometimes with offhand comments or the way they manipulate people to get their way, it's not always obvious but in the end the women in The Soporanos do wield considerable power in the show.

  • The women have some power on the Sopranos.

    The Sopranos is a patriarchal society. The main points of the power belong to the males. However, the males cannot function without the support of the females. The females still exude power over the rest of the family as well. Sons and daughters still answer directly to the mother. The father has final say, but often enough the female makes the decisions.

  • Not As Much

    I do not believe the women in The Sopranos wield much power, but this would be typical in the lifestyle that is displayed. Women are seen as more of a household object and they do have power, but it usually revolves around home life and not that of the business world.

  • No, they are not very powerful

    The mafia, as depicted in the Sopranos, is very patriarchal and male dominated. Women do not hold much power in the show. There are moments when Tony's wife excercises what little power she does have to get Tony to do something, but for the most part women cook dinner and take care of the kids.

  • A man's world

    The women of The Sopranos are constantly marginalized by the plot machinations because it is a show primarily about masculine power and masculine identity. The closest character that shows any degree of agency is Carmela, and even then she doesn't really exercise it until quite late into the series. Everyone else is a victim of masculinity.

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