• Obviously, the answer is yes.

    To be a woman, you must, evidently, qualify in to terms: Be a female; Be a human. There are seven billion humans. Assuming half are females (when it's actually tipped TOWARDS females, despite how generous I'm being), that means there are about three and a half billion women.

    So, to qualify a group as "women," there must be at least two humans to make it plural, and all of them must be women. To rephrase the question: "Are there at LEAST two women of these three and a half billion women who are somewhat attracted to men who are seemingly more dominant in their behavior?" Yes. Somewhere amongst the group, there must be AT LEAST two women we can find. Let's be realistic. In a haystack of random lengths, one is bound to be the length we're looking for. Especially when it's something as simple as this. Such a broad criteria to meet.

  • Yes women like dominant men

    In "The Red Queen Sex and the Evolution of Human Nature" Matt Ridley references several studies done worldwide that show women place dominance high on the list of things they find important in a man. This is because female reproductive strategies drive them to find the most successful and highest quality male and in primate groups the most successful male is always the most dominate alpha male as he is the strongest and smartest male in the group.

  • Absolutely for me!

    Every woman is different....I need a strong man that makes me feel safe. My husband runs our house and I am totally fine with that...I do not envy the stress he carries! Some men have a good head on their shoulders and are naturally leaders. That's not to say women can't and I have respect for those that feel self sufficient and prefer to take a more dominant role. For me that bossy, confident man is what gets my blood burning! :)

  • It's hardwired in the brain.

    The very act of sex requires one to have the passive role and the other to have the active role. Opening yourself to be penetrated is the passive role. Doing the penetrating is the active role. Ones the f* ck-er, the other is the f* ck-ee. The passive role is submissive. The active role is dominant. Sex is the one place you can't deny our natural biology.

    Notice how often a woman puts her arms above her head during sex, a gesture of surrender and submission. Notice how often a man has the woman pinned down underneath him, even if he isn't pinning her down aggressively with his hands, a gesture of protection and dominance. Even when the woman rides on top, the man usually has the control, and the woman usually raises up her arms and puts her hands together behind her head, throws her head back, arches her back, presenting her breasts to him. Even if he just lays there not moving while she does all the work, and even if that's how she prefers it for selfish reasons, it's then a favor/service she's doing for him since she's doing his job for him, and he's free to sit back, relax, and enjoy. Furthermore, it's known between both that at any time, the man can overpower the woman, being physically stronger, and throw her on her back, pin her underneath him, and reclaim his active, dominant role of penetrator.

    When this is how we mate, then naturally these dominant and submisive roles are innate. No amount of feminist brainwashing will change it, and if you think otherwise consciously, on the surface, you are only causing inner-turmoil within yourself, denying instead of embracing who you are, leading to unhappiness and poor health.

    Look within. What do you feel at the very core of you? Past what you've been taught, past any anger you may feel about gender and double standards. Who are you, what do you want in life, what do you want to give, who do you want to give it to? Release the chains of who society tells you to be. When I did that, I went in as an unhappy person making a mess of my relationships, and came out a euphoric submissive woman, open and ready to give and to serve, embracing my gender, and loving myself. A life-changing epiphany.

    Posted by: Gi
  • Female gender needs dominant male

    Female gender needs a dominant male because of reproduction and nature. It is how it is made. The most dominant male is the Alpha and therefore gives the best babies who easier survives. Also a lot of women are into dominant men just because they are dominant and they like it sexually just because they were made too. There can be expectations but that may be a girls who has too much testosterone and therefore, a maturing fail. Male has 20-40 times more testosterone than female and testosterone makes ones muscle grow stronger and faster and makes one more dominant. No woman can ever reach the same testosterone level as a man.

  • Women like more dominant men.

    Women are naturally submissive because it is their job to take care of children. They like men who are dominant and can take care of them. Women want to know that their mates can protect them and that they can win in a fight against other men. It is natural for women to prefer dominant men.

  • Depends on the woman- we aren't all the same.

    I personally do not care for them. So-called "dominant men" are usually just sexists who can't deal with a woman as an equal and don't want to pull their weight in the home. The type who think that they should be accorded decision making power just for having a Y chromosome.

    No thanks.

  • Personally, I don't

    Dominant men just seem to come off as a**holes... They are quick to make me uncomfortable and they try too hard to maintain and "alpha male" reputation. They essentially end up being a set of abs on well-toned legs, with almost nothing by way of intellectualism. Or, if they're intelligent, they end up coming off as "I'm right everyone else is wrong if you disagree you're an idiot"... And I swear to God if one more "dominant" guy tries to impress me with his car.

  • A lot of woman actually hate/despise dominant men

    Dominant men are the worse mates you ca find. Sure when a woman is young, inexperienced or just not looking for a serious relationship then she may be attracted to a dominant man. But it doesn't take long to realise how disappointing, frustrating, unbearable and not worthy a dominant man is. Next time she encounters a dominant man she will run away fast! Dominant man are really awful partners and shallow Man

  • Not all of them.

    Seriously, different people have different tastes. Not every woman likes a dominant man, just as not every woman likes a submissive man. It all depends on the individual person and what they like.

    You can't really sweep one gender/sex under one statement like that, due to everyone having various tastes. It's like saying 'Do women like blue-eyed men?' or 'Do women like tall men?'

    It's all a matter of taste, and not all women like dominant men.

  • Women are people and thus like a variety of different things.

    Personally, I am attracted to pretty much everyone except men that are both traditionally masculine and sexually dominant. The idea of being dominated by a guy actually sort of grosses me out, even though I'll be a sub with women and queer folks. That's just me though; turns out that people are all individuals and are attracted to loads of different things.

    Also, @everyone saying that whoever penetrates is dominant: y'all are having some boring ass sex.

  • Not all of them do

    I meet a lot of women who find controlling men annoying and see them as assholes. Few women I turn on sexually by my submissive nature I pushed some buttons in them they turn happy , aggressive ,excited and somewhat playful in sadistic approach,but it was always such a turn on for both of us. They really got aroused . What a adrenaline rush.

  • Not every woman.

    We can't stick to our alleged "stone-age brain" forever. Life is changing, and so is humanity. Not every woman is "hardwired" to submit before a dominant alpha gorilla. Not every woman is "naturally submissive". As much as some keyboard-alphas may hate this fact.
    As for me, I like normal, neither submissive, nor dominant men. I'd like to make my own decisions, thank you very much.

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Anonymous says2013-05-17T18:22:21.930
I don't really have a solid answer on this because it seems like a rather sweeping question. I just think that different women like different men and it's as simple as that. Just as some women like more dominant men, some like more submissive men, and some like more in-between men. It's not really a yes/no question.