Do women live longer than men because only the good die young?

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  • Females live longer than males in most species.

    Most recent studied in this was on fruit flies. Researches found that the fruit flies lived about the same amount in environments without stress and equal numbers of male and females. But when the environment was full of stress and there was only one female, the males life expectancy plummeted. So the reason why women live longer than men is because of men's competition for sex as well as being bad at dealing with stress.

    Also the statement that the good die young is completely invalid. Women are better than men so if the good died young then men would live longer.

  • NO, many variables go into play

    One of those variables is that men have more testosterone than women. This means men are more territorial thus making them more lonely, and being lonely is very bad for your health. Loneliness drives up the blood pressure levels that damage internal organs. But this is just one of the reasons why men die younger

  • I don't agree that the reason is because of that

    I do think that many women do live longer than men, but I think the reasons for that are due to a number of reasons and a lot may be tied to issues like heart related issues. I don't think that the reason is because of what the question had stated.

  • Women live longer than men because they are more concious of their weight and health

    Women tend to be more worried about their weight and their health. Women are more likely to see a doctor when sick, and more likely to take better care of themselves. There could be more to this than it would seem however. Studies show that after a woman's husband dies, she will live on for several more years, and yet when a man's wife dies, he will only live a short while after. This could explain at least part of the life expectancy gap between men and women, not to mention the fact that men more often die young due to more dangerous work. And women are amazing.

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